Some Avera providers to change clinic locations in Marshall

MARSHALL — Several Avera health care providers will be moving to new offices in Marshall next week. The change is meant to help group doctors and other health care providers together by their specialties, and make it easier for patients to know which clinic to go to, Avera spokespeople said.

Starting Dec. 20, all of Avera’s family medicine providers in Marshall will be at the Avera Medical Group clinic on Carlson Street, an announcement from Avera Marshall said Friday. Meanwhile, providers with medical specialties including pediatrics and internal medicine will be moving to the Avera Medical Group clinic on Bruce Street.

The announcement from Avera said the moves will help give patients a more consistent experience, and make it easier to know where to go for care.

Some specialist doctors, including OB/GYN Dr. Raymond Michael, general surgeon Dr. Steven Kidd, and podiatrist Dr. Brandon Tucker, have already moved from the Carlson Street clinic to the Bruce Street clinic. The move allows them to work alongside colleagues in the same specialties, the announcement said.

In addition to some providers changing offices, Avera Medical Group’s diabetic education program will be moving to the Bruce Street campus. Visiting specialists in dermatology and ear, nose and throat care will also be at the Bruce Street campus.

For more information, area residents can call the Carlson Street clinic at 507-532-1101 or the Bruce Street clinic at 507-537-9007.

Providers who will be moving to the Carlson Street clinic, at 1521 Carlson street, are:

Josh Bruning, DC, chiropractic

Laura Dorman, PA-C, family medicine

Alexandria Echols-Simpson, MD, family medicine

Brent Griffin, MD, family medicine

Samantha Hammer, PA-C, family medicine

Jane Hartman, DO, family medicine

Nefeli Moutsoglou, CNP, family medicine

Jaclyn Parliament, DPT, physical therapy

Melissa Scotting, CNP, family medicine

Bethany Stevermer, PA-C, family medicine

Providers who will be moving to the Avera Marshall campus, at 300 South Bruce Street, are:

Lorinda Coudron, RN, CNP, internal medicine

Amanda Enestvedt, PNP, pediatrics

Timothy Michals, MD, internal medicine/pediatrics

Joseph Willett, DO, internal medicine


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