County to discuss new recycling agreement

MARSHALL — Two weeks after county commissioners chose a hauler to negotiate with, the topic of curbside recycling pickup will be going back before the Lyon County Board.

The agenda for Tuesday’s county board meeting includes consideration of an agreement with Southwest Sanitation for curbside recycling. Southwest Sanitation was one of the recycling haulers who submitted proposals for curbside pickup in late September. While county commissioners said at their Oct. 1 meeting that they would not be making details of the proposals public until after a contract had been negotiated, Lyon County Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder recommended the county go with Southwest Sanitation. Commissioners also approved a one-month contract with Southwest Sanitation to continue curbside pickup through the month of October.

The meeting agenda packet posted on Lyon County’s website late last week included a draft contract for recycling collection with Southwest Sanitation. If the county approves the contract, Southwest Sanitation would collect recyclables from Lyon County residences every other week, from Nov. 1 through April 30, 2021. The draft said the agreement could be extended for a period of up to five years with approval from the county board. Either the county or Southwest Sanitation could withdraw from the contract, but they would need to give notice of their intent at least 120 days from the date of withdrawal.

Under the draft agreement, Southwest Sanitation would provide curbside pickup for all homes that currently have county recycling carts, as well as regular pickup “as needed” for apartment complexes. The list of communities with county carts included Amiret, Balaton, Cottonwood, Florence, Garvin, Green Valley, Ghent, Lynd, Marshall, Minneota, Russell, Taunton and Tracy, as well as parts of Lake Marshall, Lynd and Rock Lake townships.

According to the draft agreement, the county would pay a total base monthly price of $30,716 a month for recycling pickup.

The draft agreement included language allowing Southwest Sanitation to refuse to collect materials that aren’t properly prepared for collection, and to “tag” the cart to notify residents that they need to improve on their recycling methods. The draft also said the county and Southwest Sanitation would meet at least once a year to review the recycling program.


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