Police seize 26 dogs, six chickens, three cats in Lamberton

REDWOOD COUNTY — Police seized 26 dogs, six chickens and three cats from a Lamberton home after she was transported by ambulance to a Springfield hospital June 10.

At least one other cat was unable to be seized, according to a statement of probable cause.

Kimberly A. Robinson, 57, 206 4th Ave. E., Lamberton, was charged with five misdemeanor counts mistreating animals including failure to provide nourishment, water, exercise, change of air and cruelty, according to court documents filed July 29 in Redwood County District Court. Robinson was summoned to appear in court at 1 p.m., Aug. 19.

Robinson was transported by ambulance to the hospital at about 2 p.m. June 10 and placed on a 72-hour hold due to several statements she made indicating she would harm herself or others, according to court documents.

Concerned about animal welfare, Lamberton Police Officer Colby Davis executed a warrant at Robinson’s home at 6:50 a.m. June 11. He was assisted by a member of the Redwood Area Animal Shelter and an off-duty humane society worker.

In the home, police saw signs that animals were mistreated, neglected and treated cruelly. Most dogs were kept with others in small cages or kennels and in transportation kennels. One cage had four dogs. There was not adequate room for exercise. Some dogs roamed the house.

Most of the dogs had no water and food. Opening a small gate that kept the dogs out of the kitchen, dogs not in pens ran to the kitchen and drank from a water bowl.

Police saw blankets soaked in urine and several animal feces mounds on the floor of the home. In a room with dog kennels, police reported it was hard to breathe due to an almost unbearable odor of urine and feces. Police reported some dogs were sitting and sleeping in their own urine and feces.

Animals were transported to the Redwood Area Animal Shelter where some were diagnosed with untreated medical conditions including infections, hernias, poor dental hygiene and lack of grooming. Many of the dogs had lost teeth or had poor teeth, unclipped nails and skin conditions, according to the complaint. Animals needed to be treated for fleas that were present in the house.