Marshall to spray for mosquitoes

Spraying will be done at Independence and Liberty parks, ahead of July 4

MARSHALL — Marshall’s parks department is hoping to take some of the bite out of community events this summer. Independence Park and Liberty Park will be sprayed for mosquitoes on Sunday night, Parks Superintendent Preston Stensrud said.

Stensrud said he was giving notice of the spraying partly in response to past feedback from local residents.

“People wanted to know,” when mosquito control was being done, he said.

Stensrud said the mosquito spraying will be done at sunset, around 9:30 p.m., on Sunday. The spraying won’t take place if rain or high winds are present, said Marshall Community Services Director Scott VanDerMillen.

The timing of the spray will help control mosquitos at upcoming events like city band concerts and Marshall’s July 4 celebrations. Hopefully, it will help make the celebrations more comfortable and family-friendly for area residents, Stensrud said.

Stensrud said Marshall has done mosquito control at Independence Park in the past as needed. The addition of Liberty Park this year was done to benefit city band concerts. The decision on whether or not to spray depends on factors like weather conditions, and if community events are planned in the park. For example, rain and flooding canceled celebrations at Independence Park last summer, and the city didn’t spray for mosquitoes, he said.

On the other hand, weather conditions can also make spraying more necessary. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so wet weather can mean there are more biting insects around to bother park visitors.

“The past few years have been significantly worse because of all the moisture,” Stensrud said.