Hold on — Lyon County Fair gets carnival rides after all

Fairgrounds will also feature circus acts during August affair

MARSHALL — Pass the word — the Lyon County Fair is the place to go if you like rides.

Lyon County Commissioner Paul Graupmann announced at the regular board meeting Tuesday morning that the Lyon County Fair will have a carnival.

Graupmann’s announcement comes after the fair board reported back in April that it was still looking for a carnival for the county fair. County Board Chairman Gary Crowley said during an April meeting that people want and expect a carnival and not having a carnival would hurt attendance.

But on Tuesday, Graupmann said the fair will have carnival rides.

“A contract is signed,” he said.

Graupmann, who is on the fair board committee, said he had met with the Lyon County Fair Board recently and reported to his fellow county board members that “all was going well” with plans for the fair, which is from Aug. 7 through Aug. 10.

Wally Wichmann, Lyon County Fair board president, said the Todd Armstrong Show is set to bring 10 of its midway rides to Marshall.

“We’re pretty excited,” he said.

In addition to the Todd Armstrong Show, there will be Los Moralitos Circus, which will perform Thursday through Saturday.

“They do tricks on the trapeze,” Richards said, as well as acrobatics, trampoline and rolla bolla, which is a balance board.

The carnival rides include the Ring of Fire, Tornado, Super Shot, Zero Gravity, Charlie Chopper, Wiggle Worm, Fun Slide, Tea Time and VW Cars. For more information and photos, visit http://www.armstrongshows.com.

Wichmann was told the “rides are very clean. People will be amazed by how well-kept they are. Armstrong is very particular about his rides.”

Wichmann has had his eye on the Todd Armstrong Show for some time now.

“I’ve had them in mind all winter,” he said.

Back in April, there was some doubt the Fair Board could procure midway rides for this year’s fair.

“The trouble is, there are 14 fairs going on that weekend, the second weekend in August,” Wichmann had said in April.

After some negotiation, the fair board did manage to snag the Todd Armstrong Show. This year will be the first year the Todd Armstrong Show has been part of the Lyon County Fair. Wichmann would like them to come back and hopes there is a strong turnout.

“I understand people were upset initially when we couldn’t book a carnival so now that we have one I hope the community supports the show,” he said.

Fairboard member Deloris Richards said armbands bought in advance for $15 (at Marshall Radio or Hy-Vee) are good for a day’s ride. Armbands are regularly $20.


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