Six officers honored for life-saving work

Photo by Deb Gau From left to right, Hillary Buysse, Valerie Peichel, Alissa Determan, John Xiong, Brock Schultz and Leighton Otto were recognized for their efforts in helping prevent a suicide at the Lyon County Jail. Sheriff Eric Wallen presented each officer with a certificate of recognition.

MARSHALL — It was a situation that needed a fast response, Lyon County Sheriff Eric Wallen said.

An inmate at the Lyon County Jail was attempting suicide. But a group of six people, all correctional officers or sheriff’s deputies, helped talk him down and get him medical care.

The six officers were honored at Tuesday’s meeting of the Lyon County Board. Sgt. John Xiong and correctional officers Alissa Determan, Brock Schultz, Hillary Buysse and Leighton Otto, and Deputy Valerie Peichel, all received certificates of recognition.

Wallen said the incident happened last Thursday. An inmate at the jail had tied a bed sheet around his neck and to a railing, and was attempting to hang himself, Wallen said. Some of the responding officers talked with the inmate, while others put down materials in the cell block to cushion a potential fall, he said.

Through talking with the inmate, officers were able to prevent a tragedy, and take the inmate to the hospital for care, Wallen said.

County commissioners shared their appreciation for the officers.

“We have some outstanding employees,” Commissioner Gary Crowley said.