Fishing opener yields mixed results for anglers

SLAYTON — Windy and cool temperatures didn’t stop fishing enthusiasts from putting their lines in the water during Saturday’s Minnesota fishing opener.

By noon, people were scattered across Lakes Shetek and Sarah, fishing for walleye, northerns, crappies and perch.

The results were mixed.

“It’s been slow,” Austin Todd from Iowa said. He was fishing on Lake Shetek. “I caught one at 6:45 this morning. Though I could be using the wrong jig for all I know.”

Chris Bornitz, from Tracy, was also fishing on Lake Shetek.

“No luck whatsoever,” he said

But Martin Hoekman, from Lake Shetek, reported a little more luck. “I caught three cat(fish),” he said.

It was sunny and windy near the lakes for the majority of the day. With a high of 60 degrees and a low of 41 degrees. Rain was forecast for after 1 p.m., but storms stayed away until around 6 p.m.

Many fishermen decided to fish off the sides of Lake Shetek and a multitude of boats were in the Shetek waters. Lake Sarah had almost no one fishing off the sides, but many boats were in its waters.

Bait shops, such as Carlson Corner, and Pete’s Corner, were slow to steady near the lakes on Saturday afternoon — reporting Friday to have been busy for last minute purchases and fishing licenses before Saturday morning.

Many fishermen reported low counts for fish caught. Some mentioned the wind and high water for reasoning behind the lack of catching any fish. Winds were up to 20 mph through the day accounting towards high tides.

Dee Carlson, at the Carlson Corner in Slayton, said it “depends on who you talk to.”

“Some have had good luck, others not so much. Some will tell you they haven’t got a bite,” Carlson said.