Matt Vee to perform at Sounds of Summer

MARSHALL — The opening act for Sounds of Summer is set for 2019.

Sounds of Summer announced on its Facebook page this weekend that Matt Vee will open for Pablo Cruise on Aug. 17 in Marshall.

Matt Vee is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, recording artist and nephew of legendary ’60s pop-star Bobby Vee. He tours internationally with his cousins and bandmates Jeff and Tommy Vee (sons of Bobby Vee) and wife Julie Velline in various musical configurations.

Pablo Cruise is the California band that had hits in the 1970s with songs like “Love Will Find a Way,” “Watcha Gonna Do” and “A Place in the Sun.” Craig Olson, singer for Guilty Pleasures, made the Pablo Cruise announcement during last summer’s concert.

(Matt Vee) is pretty excited to come down here and open up for Pablo Cruise,” Sounds of Summer Vice President Brock Klaith said Sunday. Klaith also said Vee writes most of his own music and will be good addition to the Sounds of Summer lineup. He said his group has been working on finalizing the Vee addition for the past six months.

“The way it came about is that the donor helping with Pablo Cruise gave us a couple names for opening acts and Matt Vee came up,” he said. “We did a little research into it and we talked with Matt. He was excited to work with Pablo Cruise.”