RTR closes schools after pipe bursts at elementary

TYLER — Superintendent David Marlette had to cancel school in the Russell-Tyler-Ruthton School District Monday because of a water main break at the elementary school.

Marlette said workers successfully repaired the water leak at the end of the day and he said classes will resume this morning.

“It’s just a matter of the pipe just gave away and burst,” Marlette told the Independent Monday morning. “There is a ton of water in the tunnels (under the school). We are pumping out 1,100 gallons an hour. So we don’t have any heat, no bathroom facilities and no water.”

Marlette blamed the break on old age.

“They are 70, 80 years old and they are going to give out sometime. When you have old buildings, it’s going to happen,” he said.

The district has been looking at possible facilities upgrades the past several months. After a task force was formed and voters in the district were asked to fill out surveys, the district’s board approved a Feb. 12 special election facilities bond referendum.

Friday is the last day of school in the district before Christmas break.


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