Lyon County approves abatements for fire-damaged businesses

MARSHALL — The past year had a few major fires reported within Lyon County, including two at Marshall businesses. As part of their regular meeting Tuesday, members of the Lyon County Board approved tax abatements and credits for properties including a commercial building on West Main Street in Marshall, and the Southwest Coaches bus garage, which was destroyed by a fire on Nov. 27.

Lyon County Assessor Sherri Kitchenmaster said Lyon County had a received a total of three applications for local option disaster abatements and credits from property owners affected by fires in 2018. Properties damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster or accident may be eligible for the local option abatements and credits, based on the amount of damage sustained and other factors.

If approved, the applicants would receive both a property tax abatement for the current year, and a credit on property taxes in 2019, Kitchenmaster said.

The applications Kitchenmaster brought to the county commissioners included one from Dan Vogt for the property at 348 West Main Street in Marshall. The building, which was home to several businesses including the Perfect Styles Salon, Burch Travel and the Marshall Academy of Dance, was damaged by fire in October.

Vogt’s disaster abatement application said the fire and smoke caused more than $400,000 in damage to the property. According to the application, the building needed repairs including new wiring, lighting and flooring on the first level; new water and sewer lines on the second level; and new Sheetrock in portions of the building.

Kitchenmaster said the 348 West Main property was eligible for a $616 tax abatement, and a tax credit for next year.

Another application came from Thomas and Jeff Hey, for the Southwest Coaches bus garage on Travis Road in Marshall. The building was destroyed by the November fire.

“It burned completely to the ground,” Kitchenmaster said.

Kitchenmaster said the property would be eligible for a $1,124 tax abatement, and a tax credit for next year.

A third property owner applied for a disaster abatement and credit, for a fire-damaged homestead in rural Lyon County. Kitchenmaster said Patrick Buysse applied for a rental property on 260th Street, southeast of Marshall. A garage and house were damaged in a fire on Jan. 9, she said. Kitchenmaster said the property was eligible for a $274 tax abatement, and a tax credit for next year.

In separate actions, county commissioners voted to approve all three disaster abatements and credits.


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