First cycle of Pride in the Tiger Fund Use grants announced

MARSHALL — The Pride in the Tiger Foundation has announced it has awarded $23,959.58 in Fund Use Grants for the first cycle of the academic year. These grants are awarded to both public and private schools in Marshall.

Fund Use grants are awarded twice a year, in October and March.

Some of the grants supported in the first cycle include:

• Accelerated Reading programs, Spelling Bee registration, Samuel Lutheran School.

• Missoula Children’s Theater, Great Plains Zoo and Charge Time — a social skills program, Holy Redeemer School.

• Field trips, musical instruments, art supplies, activity support items for pre-school students, True Light Christian School.

• Junior Achievement support

• Read Naturally program, My Big World Scholastic subscription, Brookings Children’s Museum, Park Side, West Side, Little Cubs Preschool

• Flannel Quilt project, MATEC

• I Talk switches, Enrichment trip, Perennial Math, Sonday System, STEM, Maud Hart Lovelace reading contest, Micro Bit Processors, rocking chairs, Conference for Young Writers, Marshall Middle School.

• National FFA, Harvard Speech registration, Link Crew, teleprompter, Honors Library, Lab Quest interface for Ag Department, Mini Once PCR System for AP Biology, Marshall High School.

The Pride in the Tiger Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide financial and other support to activities and extraordinary educational programs supporting children’s personal growth and development in their pursuit of excellence.

Last year, the Foundation granted $46,611.33 in Fund Use grants, and at the end of the academic year — at the Senior Banquet — awarded 158 scholarships to graduating Marshall High School seniors totaling $146,820.

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