Marshall Council revokes license for GM Tobacco

MARSHALL — A Marshall business has had its city tobacco license revoked for tax violations on the sale of tobacco products.

On Tuesday night, members of the Marshall City Council voted to revoke GM Tobacco’s license — although they left open a possibility for the shop to re-apply for one.

Marshall City Attorney Dennis Simpson said the city had gotten notification from the Minnesota Department of Revenue that in July, the state confiscated inventory from GM Tobacco. The confiscated items were mostly vaping “juices” and long cut tobacco that hadn’t been acquired through a licensed seller.

“The way they’re supposed to purchase tobacco, it’s highly regulated. And apparently these were purchased over the Internet,” without going through the appropriate purchasing process, Simpson said.

Simpson said the business had 60 days to object to the confiscation of the items but did not.

“The city received notice on September 25 that tobacco taxes had not been paid on the confiscated materials,” Simpson said. The unpaid taxes exceeded $2,000 in value, he said, and he was recommending the city revoke GM Tobacco’s tobacco license.

“One of the requirements of a tobacco license as issued by the city of Marshall is that all state and federal laws be followed. Failure to pay taxes is not complying with Minnesota law,” Simpson said.

“If they comply and pay all their dues and fines, can they re-apply for a license?” asked council member Steven Meister.

“Yes,” Simpson said.

Council members voted unanimously to revoke GM Tobacco’s tobacco license.