Get ready to scream

Property near Marshall set up as Haunt Fest

MARSHALL — People pining for the old Booville Halloween attraction near Cottonwood or wishing there was a ValleySCARE or Scream Town closer to Marshall may be in for a frightful treat.

During the upcoming weekends in October — Oct. 12 and 13, 19 and 20 and 26 and 27 — from 6:30-11 p.m., Haunt Fest will try to fulfill the dreams of area scare-seekers.

“Life size birdmen and attack rabbits” will be among the frightening things to see as well as the ghost town of “No More.” Its resident are “dead during the day and alive at night.” Other scary features include “giant scarecrows, flying monkeys, corn people and children of the pumpkin patch.”

Barbara Hedges and Stephen Schluter, the specters behind the scene, say parents can ask for a “safety necklace” for the younger ones to keep the monsters at bay.

Hedges said the property near Marshall is owned by a friend who is a “long-retired farmer.” She was helping clean up the property and thought it was a perfect location for a Halloween attraction.

“I’ve talked about it for years,” she said.

People might remember Patches the horse and the scarecrows at Holmberg Orchard which are Hedges’ creations.

Hedges said a hayride will be featured — weather permitting, she said.

“It goes downhill so the hayride might have to be canceled if it keeps raining,” she said.

People daring enough to venture into the area will encounter a bridge which leads to “swamp town, giant rabbits, giant birdmen, then you cross over another bridge into a haunted area and there will be a pole barn” with other scares within.

General admission is $12.50 — with chances to win 15, 25, or 50 percent off at the gate.

“I’m not going to make money this year,” Hedges said, “but as long as everyone has fun, it will be a success.”

Hedges said to find Haunt Fest, people should “witch for signs and listen for screams” or they can follow directions to 2495 250th St., which is 2 miles south of Marshall. Take state Highway 23 West to County Road 7, go 1 mile and then turn left on gravel for a half a mile.

For more information, email or leave a message at 507-626-4761, S&S Productions.