YMC Board hears proposal for county-based purchasing

GRANITE FALLS — The Yellow Medicine County Board heard a proposal Tuesday that could save them money on county-funded health care.

Dr. Norris Anderson represented Southern Prairie Community Care in presenting the invitation to join its county-based purchasing (CBP) group. He was accompanied by the county’s Family Services Director Rae Ann Keeler-Aus who supported the proposal.

The presentation offered several reasons for the board to consider the proposal to join Prime West health for health care coverage for county residents who have no coverage or not enough coverage.

Anderson and Keeler-Aus said purchasing health care for the medical assistance population would help improve the health of that population and keep it healthy and also keep the health care providers in the area through higher local provider reimbursement.

They also said the purchasing group would preserve counties/county case managers’ role in health care.

“Its a good community reinvestments and keeps dollars local, in our rural area,” Keeler-Aus said.

Even with all the data Anderson and Keeler-Aus provided, the county commissioners wanted more information. The topic was held over for a subsequent meeting.