Lincoln County board approves energy audit

IVANHOE — The Lincoln County Board unanimously approved Tuesday to go ahead with an energy audit.

Environmental Administrator Robert Olsen said he had proposed to the board that the county work with Great Plains Institute on an energy audit in hopes to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

“There would be no cost to the county to participate in the energy audit,” Olsen said Tuesday. “The audit would take into account what constitutes an energy source and how it is being used. It will also help determine what energy requirements might be imposed on permits, such as building permits.”

Having the energy audit done would give the county a definition of what it considers to be energy sources and how it could promote such sources such as wind and solar. It could include giving some sort of consideration for the use of LED lighting, better insulation and use of “green” or environmentally friendly materials in new construction projects, Olsen said.

Olsen also reported to the board in the capacity of county feedlot officer.

Nothing had changed since last year. Lincoln County still has 414 registered feedlots, which get inspected roughly 25 percent per year over a four year period.

“Twenty-five to 30 percent of the feedlots get inspected per year,” he said. “That means we do about 35-40 on site inspections per year in addition to investigating any complaints or violations.”

Olsen also promoted renewing contracts with the county ditch viewers. The board unanimously approved contracts with lead viewer William Moldstad of Redwood Falls, Gayle Rasmussen of Ivanhoe and Mike Thooft of Tyler as well as apprentice Karri Rupp of Lake Benton.


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