Murray County to discuss enforcing parcel transfer and division restrictions

SLAYTON — Murray County Zoning/Environmental Administrator Jean Christoffels will appear before the Murray County Board of Commissioners this morning to request a resolution to assume authority to enforce the parcel transfer and division restrictions.

Earlier this month, the Association of Minnesota Counties explained that “Counties and other local governments are responsible for planning and zoning activities to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of their communities.”

The Association said a state statute made it more difficult for counties ability to assume this responsibility. The state permitted other local governments to review land transfers and divisions, but did not give the same authority to counties.”

The Association said the restriction on counties was removed in the 2017 legislative session. The new law specifically states counties have the same authority already afforded municipalities and townships to review land transfers and divisions before they are recorded.

“With this authority, counties can protect land owners from land transfer and division missteps which block property owners from using their land as they intended. County oversight will prevent future boundary disputes and ensure that land owners are compliant with other land use rules and regulations,” the Association said.

“A county must pass a resolution stating it assumes the authority to review land divisions and transfers.”

In other business, Murray County Ditch Inspector Howard Konkol will appear before the board this morning to present ditch bills and a ditch inspection report.