US reporter Evan Gershkovich to stand trial, officials say

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian officials say U.S. reporter Evan Gershkovich, jailed in Russia for over a year on espionage charges, will stand trial in the Ural Mountains city of Yekaterinburg. Russia’s Prosecutor General’s office said Thursday an indictment of the Wall Street Journal reporter has been finalized and his case was filed to a regional court. It says Gershkovich is accused of “gathering secret information” for the CIA about a facility in the Sverdlovsk region that produces and repairs military equipment, revealing for the first time the details of the accusations against the jailed reporter. Gershkovich has been charged with espionage. The officials didn’t provide any evidence to back up the accusations.

Jittery markets rally after Argentina’s Milei has first legislative ‘triumph’

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Wall Street has rallied as Argentina’s president traveled to Italy for the Group of Seven summit buoyed by his first legislative victory. The Senate passed sweeping proposals to slash state spending and boost his powers. The legislation aimed at overhauling Argentina’s long-troubled economy during its worst financial crisis in 20 years will return to Congress’ lower house for final approval, where it’s expected to become law. Having hitched his political fortunes to the goal of cutting down Argentina’s bloated state, President Javier Milei hailed the vote as a “triumph.”

Chinese military buff inadvertently bought 4 books of military secrets for under $1

BEIJING (AP) — A military history buff in China appears to have made an alarming discovery after picking up four books for less than $1 at a neighborhood recycling station. They were confidential military documents. The country’s Ministry of State Security told the story in a social media post and praised the retired man for calling a hotline to report the incident. The post was the latest in a series by the powerful state security agency. The campaign seems designed to raise awareness at a time when confrontation with the U.S. is rising and both countries are worried about the possible theft or transfer of confidential and secret information.

Unusually heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan will affect 200,000 people, a top UN official warns

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A top U.N. official has warned that an estimated 200,000 people in Pakistan are likely to be affected by the upcoming above-normal monsoon rains. Mohamed Yahya, the newly appointed Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator, says weather forecasters are predicting heavy monsoon rains, which begin in July before subsiding in September. Yahya said the United Nations would arrange $40 million as a part of its contingency plan. However, he said this season’s rains would not be as heavy as in 2022 when the monsoon rains and devastating floods killed 1,739 people, destroyed 2 million homes, and covered as much as one-third of the country at one point.


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