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UN halts all food distribution in Rafah after running out of supplies

CAIRO (AP) — The United Nations says it has suspended food distribution in the southern Gaza city of Rafah due to lack of supplies and insecurity. It also said no aid trucks entered via a pier set up by the U.S. for sea deliveries for the past two days. The U.N. has not specified how many people remain in Rafah after the Israeli military launched an intensified assault there on May 6, but they appear to number several hundred thousand. Abeer Etefa, a spokesperson for the U.N’s World Food Program, warned that “humanitarian operations in Gaza are near collapse.” She said that if food and other supplies don’t resume entering Gaza “in massive quantities, famine-like conditions will spread.”

Turbulence during Singapore Airlines flight leaves several people badly injured

BANGKOK (AP) — Singapore Airlines says one of its flights hit severe turbulence over the Indian Ocean and descended 6,000 feet in about three minutes. Authorities say a British man died, possibly after a heart attack, and several people were severely injured. The flight from London to Singapore was diverted to Bangkok. Details of the weather at the time over the Andaman Sea near Myanmar weren’t immediately available. One official says the sudden descent occurred as passengers were being served food. A passenger says the seatbelt sign was on but crew members didn’t have time to take their seats.

Germany’s foreign minister says that air defenses are an ‘absolute priority’

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Germany’s foreign minister says sending air defense systems to Ukraine to help protect it from Russian cruise missiles, rockets and drones is an “absolute priority.” Annalena Baerbock was in Kyiv on Tuesday and visited a local power plant that was largely reduced to ruins by a recent barrage. She said that what she called a “global initiative” launched by Germany to provide Ukraine with more air defense systems had raised nearly 1 billion euros. But even more is needed. Germany is the second-biggest supplier of military aid to Ukraine after the United States. Ukrainian officials have for months pleaded with the country’s Western partners to supply it with further sophisticated air defense systems including U.S.-made Patriots.

It’s so hot in Mexico that howler monkeys are falling dead from the trees

MEXICO CITY (AP) — It’s so hot in Mexico that howler monkeys are falling dead from the trees. At least 83 of the midsize primates, who are known for their roaring vocal calls, have been found dead in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco. Others were rescued by residents, including five that were rushed to a local veterinarian who battled to save them. Mexico has been hit by a harsh drought and extremely high temperatures. Around a third of the country saw highs of around 113 degrees Fahrenheit Monday. Lakes and dams are drying up, water supplies are running out and authorities have had to truck in water for everything from hospitals to fire-fighting teams.


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