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Slovak authorities charge ‘lone wolf’ with assassination attempt

BANSKA BYSTRICA, Slovakia (AP) — Slovak authorities charged a man with attempting to assassinate Prime Minister Robert Fico, saying he acted alone in a politically motivated attack that left the longtime leader in serious but stable condition. Fico’s pro-Russia views have contributed to deep divisions in the small European country that borders Ukraine. The shooting attack Wednesday shocked the nation and reverberated across the continent weeks ahead of elections for the European Parliament. Slovakia’s current president and its president-elect urged people to dial back the sharp rhetoric that has characterized the country’s political debate. But some Fico allies took aim at Slovakia’s media for contributing to polarization.

Violence rages in New Caledonia as France rushes emergency reinforcements

PARIS (AP) — Violence is raging across New Caledonia for the third consecutive day. France has imposed a state of emergency in the French Pacific territory. Authorities boosted security forces’ powers to quell deadly unrest in the archipelago, where some residents have long sought independence from France. French authorities in New Caledonia and the Interior Ministry in Paris reported on Thursday that five people, including two police officers, have been killed in the violence. The unrest came after protests earlier this week over voting reforms pushed by President Emmanuel Macron’s government turned deadly. At least sixty members of the security forces were injured and 214 people were arrested in Thursday’s clashes.

Ukraine says it has checked Russia’s offensive in a key town

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Military officials in Ukraine say their units locked in street battles with the Kremlin’s forces in a northeastern Ukrainian town have halted the Russian advance. Even so, a senior Moscow official said Russia’s recent frontline push has enough resources to keep going. Vovchansk, located just 3 miles from the Russian border, has been a hotspot in the fighting in recent days. Six people were injured Thursday in one Russian attack on the town using cluster munitions, officials said. Russia launched an offensive in the northeastern Kharkiv area late last week, significantly adding to the pressure on Ukraine’s outnumbered and outgunned forces which are waiting for delayed deliveries of crucial weapons and ammunition from Western partners.

Japanese automaker Honda revs up on EVs, aiming for lucrative US, China markets

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese automaker Honda is reaffirming its commitment to electric vehicles, investing 10 trillion yen, or $65 billion, through fiscal 2031. The company says that by 2030, battery EVs and fuel cell EVs will make up 40% of Honda’s global auto sales. Global production capacity will be more than 2 million EVs. Honda Chief Executive Toshihiro Mibe said Thursday that the company will introduce a totally new EV series, first introduced in North America and then globally, with seven models launched by 2030. In China, Honda will introduce 10 EV models by 2027. Honda’s auto sales will only be EVs by 2035.


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