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Hamas accepts cease-fire proposal for Gaza, but Israel’s stance still uncertain

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Hamas militant group says it has accepted an Egyptian-Qatari cease-fire proposal to halt the seven-month war with Israel. An official familiar with Israeli thinking says Israeli officials are examining the cease-fire proposal approved by Hamas. But the official warns that the plan “is not the framework Israel proposed.” It remained uncertain whether a deal would be sealed to bring a halt to the war and avert an Israeli attack on Rafah. Hours earlier, Israel ordered some 100,000 Palestinians to begin evacuating the southern Gaza town of Rafah, signaling that an attack was imminent.

Panama’s new president-elect, José Raúl Mulino, was a late entry in the race

PANAMA CITY (AP) — In a historic and tumultuous election in Panama, José Raúl Mulino has landed in the role of president-elect despite not even expecting to be the candidate a few months ago. Now, he will lead the normally sleepy Central American nation through a moment of political tension, historic migration and a struggling economy. Who is Mulino and what can voters expect from his upcoming presidency? Panamanian political analyst Rodrigo Noriega says, “There are a lot of unknowns about him.” Preliminary results put Mulino nine points ahead of his nearest rival.

Swinney expected to lead Scotland after taking the helm of the National Party

LONDON (AP) — A former head of the Scottish National Party is expected to be Scotland’s next leader. John Swinney was confirmed Monday as leader of the SNP after no other candidate came forward. He’s expected to become Scotland’s first minister this week. The 60-year-old Swinney would be Scotland’s third leader in just over a year. Nicola Sturgeon abruptly resigned as Scotland’s first minister last year during a campaign finance investigation that led to criminal charges against her husband. She was replaced by Humza Yousaf. He announced his resignation last week after a political miscalculation in which he booted the Green Party from his governing coalition.

Human remains found at a former Hitler base

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A spokesman says Polish prosecutors have discontinued an investigation into several human skeletons found at a site where German dictator Adolf Hitler and other Nazi leaders spent time during World War II because the advanced state of decay made it impossible to determine the cause of death. The remains were found Feb. 24 at Wolf’s Lair, which served as Hitler’s chief headquarters from 1941-44 when the area was part of Germany. The compound of about 200 Nazi bunkers and military barracks hidden in deep woods was the site of the failed assassination attempt on Hitler by Col. Claus Stauffenberg in 1944. The site is now a tourist attraction.


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