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Taiwan protests after China boards a tourist boat near Kinmen Island

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Taiwan is protesting China’s boarding of a tourist boat as tensions rise around the Kinmen archipelago, which lies just off the Chinese coast but is controlled by Taiwan. Taiwanese media reported the King Xia, carrying 11 crew and 23 passengers, was boarded by the Chinese coast guard for about 32 minutes on Monday. Taiwan’s coast guard escorted the boat back to Kinmen, and it then continued its sight-seeing voyage. China is stepping up patrols in the waters off the coast of Taiwan’s Kinmen archipelago, days after two Chinese fishermen drowned while being chased by the Taiwanese coast guard, which accused the boat of trespassing.

Zelenskyy says foreign aid delays are making life ‘very difficult’ on the front line

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says delays in weapons deliveries from Western allies are opening a door for Russian battlefield advances. He says the delays are making the fight “very difficult” along parts of the front line where Russian forces captured a strategic city last weekend ahead of the war’s two-year anniversary. Zelenskyy and other officials have often expressed frustration at the slowness of promised aid deliveries. European countries are struggling to find enough stocks to send to Kyiv and U.S. help is stalled over political differences.

WikiLeaks founder Assange faces his last legal roll of the dice in Britain

LONDON (AP) — Julian Assange’s lawyers have begun their final U.K. legal challenge to stop the WikiLeaks founder from being sent to the United States to face spying charges. They argued in London’s High Court on Tuesday that his actions had exposed serious criminal actions by U.S. authorities and were “of obvious and important public interest.” The 52-year-old has been fighting extradition for more than a decade and has spent the last five years in a high-security prison. If the judges rule against Assange, he can ask the European Court of Human Rights to block his extradition. Supporters worry he could be put on a plane to the U.S. before that happens.

Building collapse in Beirut suburb kills 4 and rescuers are searching for others

BEIRUT (AP) — A building collapsed in a southern suburb of Beirut, killing four people, as rescuers searched for more people under the rubble. The collapse late Monday happened after days of heavy rain. The building was supposed to have been evacuated two years ago due to safety concerns, but apartments has still been rented to Syrian families. An official at the Islamic Health Society said most of the people living in the building were Syrian citizens. A Red Cross official told local media 17 people were believed to be under the rubble.


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