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Summer learning for Lyon County youth

Although many parts of typical summer feel different this year, 4-H is open and will offer a variety of learning experiences for youth to explore. We are exploring all possible options for showcasing youth learning and project development on the local level. More information will be released as soon as possible. 4-H is also offering several statewide opportunities where youth can connect with each other and build new skills and have fun connecting with each other. Whether it’s photography, cooking, performing arts, pollinators, civic engagement or another topic your child’s interested in, 4-H has something to offer. Find the latest on our website — 4-H at Home.

UMN Extension Swine Video: How to butcher a pig for home use

The University of Minnesota Extension Swine Team has released a video on how to butcher a pig for home use.

“With COVID-19 causing reduced operations at many pork processing facilities, pig farmers are experiencing a bottleneck of pigs on farms causing them to look for alternative market options” said Sarah Schieck Boelke, University of Minnesota Extension swine educator. “One option is for a farmer to sell a live pig directly to a consumer. The consumer typically would book an appointment with a local small scale meat processor in Minnesota to get the pig butchered, but the problem is many small scale meat processors are booked out for months. With no space available at a local processor and a pig that is ready for butchering, many people are choosing to butcher the pig themselves.”

With few Extension resources available on how to butcher a pig for home use, Schieck Boelke and her colleagues, Ryan Cox, Dallas Dornink and Lee Johnston created a video on how to butcher a pig for home use, including human safety, pig welfare and food safety discussions.

The video, along with additional resources can be found on the University of Minnesota Extension Swine blog at z.umn.edu/HowToButcherPig.

Further questions can be answered by contacting UMN Extension Swine Educator Sarah Schieck Boelke at schi0466@umn.edu.


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