SMSU Gold College to kick off Feb. 28 in Marshall

History. Art. Music. The environment. Tai Chi. Literature. Where can curious people of any age find such a variety of classes to choose from? Look no farther than the spring session of GOLD College which begins with a special registration kick-off event on Feb. 28 at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.

Now in its 23rd year, GOLD College emphasizes Growth, Opportunity, Learning, and Development — all within a comfortable environment that celebrates lifelong learning. Instructors for the classes are current or retired SMSU faculty members and other individuals who are knowledgeable in their fields.

How are these classes presented? First off, GOLD College is low-stress. No homework, no exams, all you need to bring is your curiosity. Each two-hour class meets once a week for six weeks and coffee breaks are included. All are offered on the SMSU campus and many are also available live via Zoom. Participants can take up to four classes for $110. Parking permits are no longer required on SMSU lots.

Over the years, hundreds of people of all ages have enjoyed learning new things and making new friends through GOLD College. If you would like to join in, registration runs right up until the week of March 18. There are three ways to get a registration brochure and more information about the topics: By phone: 507-537-6808, by email: GoldCollege@SMSU.edu, by website: www.smsualumni.com/goldcollege.

The following classes will be offered from March 18 to April 25:

Adventures on the Prairie –Explore and learn about our tall grass ecosystem, migratory birds, fall/winter animal adaptations, and more. (Monday 11:30 a.m.)

Crime and Me — Find out how information is gathered from eyewitnesses, participate in mock crime scenes, and discuss how citizens and police can work together to reduce crime and build trust. (Wednesday 2 p.m.)

Drawing for Fun — Can’t draw a straight line? You may surprise yourself. A variety of drawing techniques and subjects will be presented. (Thursday 2 p.m.)

Exploring Heroism Through Literature — Meet ordinary people from the past who made an extraordinary impact on the lives of others. (Thursday 2 p.m.)

How Did They Do That? (Art History) — Where do paint colors come from? Why do frescoes last for centuries? How are bronze sculptures made? Get the answers while viewing master artworks. (Tuesday 2 p.m.)

Memoir Writing — The class is for anyone who wants to leave a legacy for their family. Ideas and guidance will be offered. (Monday 9 a.m.)

Oh Yes, You Can Paint — Try painting for the first time or continue your artistic journey. Materials will be provided. (Thursday 9 a.m.)

Six Musical Compositions That Changed the World — Learn how great music changed cultural life and history itself. (Thursday 9 a.m.)

Showtime: Vintage Videos — Six hard-to-find films will examine various topics in America’s past. Discussion included. (Tuesday 11:30 a.m.)

Tai Chi — Practice slow, gentle movements which can address one’s balance, muscle strength, and mental concentration. (Wednesday 11:30 a.m.)

The Pacific War — Explore the circumstances and course of the war between the United States and Japanese Empire, 1941-1945. (Monday 2 p.m.)

The U.S. Constitution — As current as today’s headlines, the class will walk through the development and meaning of our central governing document. (Wednesday 9 a.m.)

Unsung Heroes — Six different instructors will introduce unfamiliar and underappreciated figures who made major contributions in history. (Thursday 11:30 a.m.)


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