Education Briefs for May 12

Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation announces inaugural class of Wear the Badges

Four western Minnesota students including Tannyr Curry, a Marshall High School senior, are among the group that will receive academic scholarships as part of the new Wear the Badge scholarship program. The scholarships are funded by the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation, the 501C3 nonprofit, fundraising affiliate of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association.

“In times of crisis, we are even more aware of and grateful for people who step up to serve their communities,” said MCPF President Jeff Potts who is also the Bloomington chief of police. “This is an impressive group of scholars. Like all of us, they are also impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and, in many cases, already serving in the line of duty.”

The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Foundation board of directors chose the scholarship recipients in early March from a group of more than 40 applicants. Two of the scholars are prospective law enforcement students who will graduate from high school in a few weeks and begin their law enforcement training in the fall. The other five are already enrolled in post-secondary programs at schools across Minnesota.

Curry will graduate from Marshall High School in a few weeks and said the current pandemic makes him want to serve.

“It just makes me want to join the force even more,” he said. “I just like to help people and, I feel like right now, they need it more than anything.”

Prospective students will receive $500 awards. Those already progressing through post-secondary law enforcement or related programs will receive $1,000 scholarships.

The Wear the Badge scholarship program is an extension of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association’s nation-leading Wear the Badge initiative, first launched in late 2018. The initiative helps future law enforcement candidates and citizens around the world better understand the real world of law enforcement by telling the stories of why women and men choose to protect and serve.

To learn more about the program and meet the scholarship recipients by visiting wearthebadge.org and the MCPF website, mnchiefsfoundation.org. MCPF will also accept tax deductible donations to support scholarship recipients through the websites. A new class of students will be invited to apply for scholarships later this year.


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