Marshall, Minneota students do well at annual Speech Spectacular

MARSHALL — Marshall High School hosted the 20th annual Speech Spectacular speech tournament Jan. 24 and 25. The event drew 690 competitors, from 28 different schools — including several southwest Minnesota schools. Students from both the Marshall and Minneota speech teams advanced in the tournament and won awards.

Marshall speech team results:

Sophia Gaul and Kaziah Kelsey, first place, novice duo interpretation

Ikran Ismail, first place, novice poetry

Malia Bloemker and Jack Wolbaum, second place, novice duo interpretation

Mary Lanoue, second place, novice humor

Dalton Edens and Angel Salazar, third place, novice duo interpretation

Bethany Greathouse, third place, novice program oral interpretation

Braxton Seifert, fourth place, novice great speeches

Morgan Klein, fourth place, novice humor

Sierra Nelson, fifth place, novice creative expression

Brianna Runchey Smalley, sixth place, novice great speeches

Bella Puetz, sixth place, novice prose

Elly Lewis and Olivia Williams, quarterfinalists, duo interpretation

Lydia Hurst and Mansi Bell, quarterfinalists, duo interpretation

Cameen McFarquhar and Saphi McFarquhar, quarterfinalists, duo interpretation

Holly Netzley, quarterfinalist, extemporaneous reading

Anna Rose, quarterfinalist, extemporaneous reading

Stephen Zimmer, quarterfinalist, great speeches

Caroline Jugel, quarterfinalist, great speeches

Charlotte Pafko, quarterfinalist, original oratory

Astya Black, quarterfinalist, poetry

John Smentek, quarterfinalist, poetry

Savannah Boedigheimer, quarterfinalist, prose

Minneota speech team results:

Katie Walerius, first place, novice original oratory

Brenden Kimpe, semifinalist, extemporaneous speaking

Zoe DeBoer, semifinalist, storytelling

Jacob Haen and Brenden Kimpe, quarterfinalists, duo interpretation

Emma Lipinski, quarterfinalist, great speeches