Education Briefs for Nov. 20

True Light Christian School announces honor roll

True Light Christian School announces its first quarter honor roll:

8th grade: Emma Bottelberghe, Coby Brownlee, Grace Bump, Siri Christensen, Brenna Foster, Thomas Hanson, Jude Knudson, Lydia Moore, Allyson Sample.

7th grade: Ryan Botsford, Alex Buss, Jack Meier, Aubree Metheny, Ben Pafko, Carter Prins, Gabriella Ross, Augie Sturrock, Kendall Walerius, Braelyn Wing, Sam Wing.

6th grade: Trinity Brownlee, Carson Brusven, Brennon Doughty, Ariela VanLerberghe.

5th grade: Daphne Bemer, Josiah Sternke, Alex Sturrock, Deacon Wing.


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