Faith Briefs for March 13

First Lutheran announces list of safe practices for worship

First Lutheran Church: Worship and the coronavirus

In the face of growing concerns about the coronavirus, the Church Council is asking that we all join together in some common sense practices.

As we gather for worship

You are strongly encouraged to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before coming in to worship AND after touching your face. This is required of all who are helping with communion.

We’re suggesting that hand-shaking be suspended.

Please feel free to continue making the sign of the cross as you pass the baptismal font, but we ask you to refrain from touching the water.

At the Lord’s Supper

Communion helpers will wash/sanitize their hands immediately prior to distribution.

We will suspend the practice of intinction (dipping the wafer in the wine).

The servers will continue to offer wafers (regular and gluten free).

The servers will offer individual cups to those who wish to receive the wine/juice. 

You may prefer to receive only the bread or the wine/juice. Our church believes that even when we receive only the bread or the wine, we still receive the whole gift of Christ.

Cleaning of vessels

All communion vessels will be carefully washed in hot water and antiseptic soap.


Offering plates are placed strategically around the sanctuary.

At services when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, simply place your gift/offering in a plate as you return to your seat.

At all other services we will have a Procession of Gifts when you’ll be invited to

• place your gift/offering in a plate as you return to your seat and/or

• place a note about a God-moment, prayer request or thanksgiving (blank cards can be found in each pew).

Lenten lunch is served in Slayton

Court Queen of Peace is serving lunch during Lent on Thursdays at Divine Mercy Hall, St. Ann’s Church, Slayton, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. The menu includes sandwich, salads, and assorted desserts. Next week’s sandwich is barbecue.

Takeouts are available by calling 507-227-6519.


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