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When is the better time for school to start?

  1. Before Labor Day
  2. After Labor Day
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Aug-20-13 6:41 PM

No one really knows how big the response was. However, if it was a random sample, it should represent the population.

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Aug-20-13 12:05 PM

This is NOT a scientific poll. If ten people took the time to vote, that doesn't really represent the entire area.

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Aug-18-13 9:43 PM

The only good thing to come from FLY has been the semester ending at Christmas, and that isn't that big of a deal either. We've now traded August heat for May heat, so it certainly costs more money, and those schools w/o air conditioning are not getting productive contact time with their students either.

The agreement these schools made with the DOE was that significant gains in test results would be made, in order to renew FLY, and that HAS NOT HAPPENED.

Finally, 3/4 of the population of this little survey shows where public opinion is, and that has NEVER mattered to Willert. The school board certainly won't take any responsibility. Their position has always been: "We hired the superintendent to run the school." With that kind of thinking, it's a dictatorship. NOT a good example to set for our kids.

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Aug-18-13 7:57 PM

blasphemer. If the teachers are unanimous in opposition to the Early in/Early out program, can't it go before Mr. Willert and/or the school board in deference to that unanimous opposition and the reasons why? The school board should consider valid and overwhelming opposition. They opted in. They can just as easily opt out.

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Aug-18-13 4:54 PM

Does anyone have any idea of the economic hit on this state caused by this pointless testing. I am a teacher, and I pesonally don,t know of any other teacher who thinks that it is a good idea. This policy is watering down education for everyone.

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Aug-17-13 10:28 PM

It's not bashing one party or another. Dubya brought NCLB into the limelight from Texas, and we all know how well the schools down there have been. We also know how well NCLB worked out for our children too. Had the guy who "did not have sex with that woman" sponsored NCLB, I would have pointed him out instead.

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Aug-17-13 11:20 AM

Pointless political subterfuge, farmkid. This is about what's best for our kids. Why do you liberals always fill the forum with your incessant leftist misinformation and posturing?

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Aug-17-13 7:40 AM

The "leaders" in this community think they need to change, and build, and spend, to prove their stature, and the status of Marshall. The best place to hide a dead guy is in the waste of money called the walkway between the college and the high school. Nobody uses it. Now they want to build another good place to hide a dead guy on the corner of Saratoga and 23. And if moving the school year earlier makes kids smarter, those who came up with the idea must have skipped too many classes.

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Aug-15-13 10:24 PM

70% prefer after labor day, yet the school board ignored the people and went for another 3 years of starting early. It will take a whole new board to have any chance at having your voice heard, they appear to be under Willert's spell.

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Aug-15-13 7:43 PM

School ended during dubya's reign.

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Aug-15-13 4:05 PM

Why did school END? The students were finished learning?

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Aug-14-13 8:13 AM

Better yet-year round school!

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