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Editor's column: Someone tell me…

I’m looking for some answers. But these are hypothetical questions, so no pressure.

September 28, 2013
By Per Peterson , Marshall Independent

Someone tell me why some people want e-cigarettes banned from public restaurants. Real cigarettes, I can see, but e-cigs? If people choose to use e-cigs to help them quit smoking then we should let them light up (or charge up) whenever and wherever they want. They're not hurting you, they don't stink, they don't create a mess. Don't people have bigger things to worry about?

Someone tell me when owners of professional sports teams will stop agreeing to ridiculous 10-year contracts. The latest one is being hatched, where else, in New York. Robinson Cano wants more than $300 million over 10 years. The last time the Yankees went down this road was with Alex Rodriguez. Yah, that's turned out well. Any owner that agrees to 10-year deals is a schmuck.

Someone tell me what happened to grunge rock. Not that I miss it. Just curious.

Someone tell me why the Lynx - the WNBA team, not the animal - don't get more play in the metro papers? They're the only team that seems to know how to win. Shouldn't we embrace them more?

Someone tell me why the home page of looks more like a Victoria's Secret page than a sports page. Not that I'm complaining.

Someone tell me what Todd Bouman is doing these days. Outside of a few greats, the quarterbacking in the NFL today stinks. Todd could be playing...couldn't he?

Someone tell me when some computer genius will find a way to eliminate those spinning pinwheels. For good.

Someone tell me why we're still talking about changing Washington's nickname from the Redskins to something else. I've seen stories about how some American Indians not only don't think it's offensive, but they embrace it and wear it as a badge of honor. What would they change it to, the Congressmen? The Legislators? Now that's offensive.

Someone tell me why former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb, who was originally gunning for a $500,000 pay day in his lawsuit against the Minnesota Senate, settled - for $30,000. It's good news for everyone involved and means we won't have to revisit the whole mess next year when it was due to head to court, but how do you go from $500K to $30K?

And, finally, someone tell me why more high school coaches can't be like Matt Labrum. Who?

Labrum is the football coach at Union High School in Utah. What makes the guy so special? Well, having grown tired to his players' off-field behavior, Labrum, not knowing who exactly to point a finger at, suspended all 80 of them and made them help out the community instead of practicing. Apparently his players were getting poor grades, cutting class, and some were involved in cyberbullying. So after last week's loss, he told his players to turn in their jerseys and equipment. He told them they had to earn the privilege to play again. The players, all of them, were given the option to earn their way back on the team. It doesn't matter how many bad apples were in this crop, they all learned a lesson.



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