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Editor's column: Who doesn’t love a new baby?

July 27, 2013
By Per Peterson , Marshall Independent

Just another baby?

Maybe to you and me, the birth of all births in England on Monday was nothing more than that. And when Kate Middleton delivered, a pretty large portion of U.S. citizens rejoiced - not because the child now third in line to the British throne entered this world, but because the moment had finally come and we could get on with our daily programming.

But the news didn't pass.

No, it wasn't over; it was just beginning.

After (and before) Monday there was talk and speculation about what the baby's name will be, then we waited for the first royal appearance of parents and child - still a pretty big event since we wanted to see what the little tyke looked like (I was right, he's a spitting image of every other newborn I've seen in my entire life).

The world media has covered this story like a baby's blanket. This kid has even gotten more press than a new Kardashian. Americans were exposed to their fair share of coverage, too, as the big day approached. And believe me, the documentation will continue - baby's name (it's George Alexander Lewis if you haven't heard), baby's first official portrait, baby's first burp, baby's first hiccup, baby's first boom-boom, baby's first step, first word. News organizations, especially on the TV side, think we care about all this, when in reality we really don't all that much.

But even if you couldn't care less about what that first poopy diaper looked and smelled like, a story like this, at the very least, has enough pull to detour our attention from all the other crud out there - the news and newsmakers that have a tendency to depress us and turn us into card-carrying cynics.

In other words, this is jolly news, folks - not "Holy crap, I just won the Powerball!" news; rather, good news as in "It's better than bad news."

Would you rather read about another horrifying story out of Cleveland? Or another piece about one of the nation's most powerful cities going bankrupt? Or how about another plane landing in more than one piece? Or another professional athlete's fall from grace?

Speaking of which, how about another story about a sleezy, perverted politician running for office? Maybe you're ready for another 500 words on how our United States Congress has set a new low for ineptitude. How about another reminder about the obesity problem in the U.S. or an update on how George Zimmerman's diet is going?

Perhaps you're due for an Edward Snowden fix.

There's enough "bad" and recurring news floating around out there to fill a newspaper every day of the week, so why not latch on to some of the good stuff, no matter how little it affects us?

You don't have to follow the prince's story any longer if you don't want to, but for a few days this past week the story that dominated the news was actually a nice one.

We needed the break.

Just another baby? Maybe to anyone without a funny accent it is, but it's not every day an heir to a throne is born. His Royal Highness' arrival might not have been a "where-were-you-when" moment, but compared to what's going on in this country, it's pretty refreshing news.

He is, after all, the most celebrated 5-day-old newsmaker in the world. That's still probably not enough to land on the cover of Rolling Stone though.



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