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Snow...who needs it?

April 13, 2013
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Just when I thought it was safe to stop wearing the puffy purple and white coat. It looks like winter just doesn't want to let go of us just yet as Mother Nature reared her ugly head and pounded us with a foot or so of snow. I was just getting used to seeing the dead leaves covering the grass, not having to bring a second pair of tennis shoes into the Y, the clear roads and best of all, very little snow on the ground.

That was Monday.

Monday night it was raining. I didn't think much of it until it turned into freezing rain and then snow. Lots of it. Yuk. It wasn't terrible Tuesday, I was able to get around. But once the talk got around of the crazy amount of snow we were gonna get, I was leery. I'm the type who will "believe it when I see it." Or I'll just wait and see what happens. But it wasn't fun chiseling the freezing rain off of my windshield and windows.

Wednesday wasn't bad. People were able to get to work more or less. I was still on a search for a hat, well a black one I have. I think I put it away, hoping I wouldn't have to wear it again until November. I had to put a sodden pair of gloves on the radiator in my apartment to get dry. Boy is this depressing.

I watched it snow for a little bit early Thursday morning, around 2 a.m. I wasn't too sure what to expect in the following six hours. But I wasn't anticipating what I saw later Thursday morning. Ugh, seriously? Knee-deep snow led to the street. It was just too shockingly white for me. I looked at my Jeep - the snow on top of it and the snow around it and just decided to hoof it to work (yeah, I live just two blocks from work). Even though I worked three nights on news desk this week, it seems like the longest ever. I was constantly checking the closings list, seeing more snowmen crop up, making sure the paper looked presentable for the next day and almost slipped on the ice on the street walking to the paper Thursday morning. It's time for spring to happen and happen now. None of this teasing. We were past the snow once March left the calendar. Well, at least I was.

Friday morning - Operation: Extract the Jeep from its snow boulder fortress. With shovel in hand, I surveyed the situation. I figured I just had to scoop out a few of the boulders to create a little path. So I did that. Then came the task of getting the packed snow off of my hood and windshield. Hopefully this year of going to kettlebells has been put to good use as I basically shoved the snow off. The same went for tossing the snow boulders. So I hopped in the Jeep and started it up. I put it in drive, went a foot and got stuck. I backed up and went forward again. Still no luck. I rocked it a few times and got frustrated. So I shut the vehicle off and took a look. I was caught up on a small snow boulder and some packed snow on the Jeep's right side. I grabbed the shovel again, dug the errant snow out and tried again. Went back and forth a couple of times and just hit the gas. Success! I thought about breaking into a chorus of "I Am Woman," but I thought that would be overkill.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a few Lynd School students when they think the snow will all melt. Of course nobody could predict this spring snowstorm. One of the kids had originally said some date in May and then changed it. Others aimed for the end of April. I'm hoping for a quick meltdown myself, but for all I know, it could be May 1.



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