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Time for a vacation?

January 26, 2013
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

I don't know if it was the fact that a couple of friends are going on a vacation soon or he just wants a chance to use the GPS system he got at the Thanksgiving Day sale at Wal-Mart, but on Saturday Ross asked me where I wanted to go on vacation. And this would be a bona fide trip, no overnight jaunt to a cave or a day trip to a state park. This would be one that required planning, figuring out when to take some time off and oh yeah, money. He was investigating how long it would take to get to such places as Yellowstone or a space museum in Alabama. I was just plain clueless as I haven't actually thought about vacation - not in January anyway.

So I suggested maybe visiting a couple of my friends, Andie and Ken, who live in Houston, Texas. I went to visit them back in 1999, and Andie's been after me since then to come there again. And by the way, there's a Space Center in Houston for Ross.

Later that evening, I was checking flight prices online (I don't think I'd have the time or patience for a drive down to Houston). I'd plug in random dates between now and April (before it gets too hot down there) and found that it was definitely cheaper to fly out of Sioux Falls than the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. As I looked, I could see myself heading back down there again; I had told Ross maybe in the next month or two. But nothing's for certain.

I would like to keep this trip simple if at all possible. The last time I went out of the tri-state area was to my friend's wedding in Utah back in 2009. I had never been there, and I've heard all about the wonderful sights from another friend of mine who's been there a few times, so I was eager to see what the state had to offer. And it was the first time Ross and I had taken any form of vacation together. We stayed for a few days, exploring Timpanogos Cave, Antelope Island, Park City, Sundance and a little of the downtown area in Salt Lake City. Definitely a place I want to return to.

But if I had a year off and money was no object, a trip around the world would definitely be in order. I've been to England and France more than 20 years ago, but there's a lot more to see out there. I would like to see China and Japan, the pyramids of Egypt, check out Rome, visit Australia, go somewhere tropical like the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Bahamas. An African safari would be nice too.

But I do have to be realistic. Going to Houston, or even Yellowstone, would be more than likely for me in the next couple of years. There are plenty of states and places in this country I haven't seen. I haven't been to Washington, D.C. I haven't been to California, Florida or New York City. Yeesh, I need to get out more.



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