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Girls' basketball leaderboard

January 19, 2013
Marshall Independent

This is the second Independent girls' basketball leaderboard for the 2012-13 season. Coaches must email their updated statistics to sports editor Matt Dahlseid at by 6 p.m. each Wednesday for their players to be included in the leaderboard.

Total Points/Avg.
Paige Erickson, WWG275 / 21.2
Cassie Hook, TMB186 / 15.5
Jenna Ness, MCC151 / 13.7
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview183 / 13.1
Kelsey Saugstad, Marshall170 / 13.1
Hannah Bennett, Marshall149 / 11.5
Mindee Vandyke, E/LB133 / 11.1
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall139 / 10.7
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG137 / 10.5
Taylor Schreier, MCC115 / 10.5
Jade Giese, MCC112 / 10.2
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview138 / 9.9
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview129 / 9.9
Morgan Behrends, MCC106 / 9.6
Leslie Willert, RTR115 / 9.6
Dayna Comnick, WWG104 / 9.5
Kaylie Nielsen, RTR111 / 9.3
Total Rebounds/Avg.
Paige Erickson, WWG156 / 12.0
Morgan Behrends, MCC111 / 10.1
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview119 / 9.2
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview120 / 8.6
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall99 / 7.6
Morgan Citterman, Lincoln HI74 / 7.4
Jenna Ness, MCC78 / 7.1
Jenna Stoneberg, TMB84 / 7.0
Allison Pochardt, RTR70 / 7.0
Sarah Andersen, Marshall80 / 6.7
Kelsey Kinner, E/LB74 / 6.7
Brooke Jaacks, E/LB79 / 6.6
Haley Bose, MCC67 / 6.1
Leslie Willert, RTR68 / 5.7
Kaylie Nielsen, RTR68 / 5.5
Jade Giese, MCC55 / 5.0
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG54
Paige Erickson, WWG45
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview41
Madi Nelson, Lakeview35
Kelsey Saugstad, Marshall34
Cassie Hook, TMB33
Gabby Kampmann, E/LB29
Heidi Pavek, Lincoln HI28
Hannah Bennett, Marshall27
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall25
Jade Giese, MCC25
Justine Possail, RTR25
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview23
Taylor Schreier, MCC23
Sarah Buysse, Marshall22
Paige Erickson, WWG46
Taylor Harming, E/LB45
Gabby Kampmann, E/LB36
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview35
Kelsey Saugstad, Marshall32
Sarah Buysse, Marshall31
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall30
Sara Stoneberg, TMB27
Nichy Iverson, TMB27
Cassie Hook, TMB26
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG26
Abby Herding, WWG25
Brooklyn Hartle, Lakeview25
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview24
Hannah Bennett, Marshall24
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview29
Gabby Kampmann, E/LB22
Dayna Comnick, WWG15
Paige Erickson, WWG15
Allison Boerboom, Lakeview13
Morgan Behrends, MCC12
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall8
Jenna Stoneberg, TMB8
3-pointers Made
Kelsey Saugstad, Marshall35
Cassie Hook, TMB30
Corbyn Wee, Lakeview15
Elizabeth Woelber, WWG15
Morgan Saugstad, Marshall13
Destinee Strand, RTR13
Dayna Comnick, WWG13
Kelli Soupir, TMB12
Paige Erickson, WWG12
Alex DeSmet, Lincoln HI11
Madi Nelson, Lakeview10
Hannah Bennett, Marshall10
Sarah Buysse, Marshall10
Free Throws made-attempted (%)
Paige Erickson, WWG65-80 (81.3)
Jenna Ness, MCC40-54 (74.1)
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall36-49 (73.5)
Morgan Saugstad, Marshall11-15 (73.3)
Hannah Bennett, Marshall29-40 (72.5)
Abby Herding, WWG35-50 (70.0)
Kelsey Saugstad, Marshall15-22 (68.2)
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview21-31 (67.7)
Cassie Hook, TMB18-27 (67.0)
Nichy Iverson, TMB10-15 (67.0)
Mindee VanDyke, E/LB29-44 (65.9)
Did Not Report: Canby, Dawson-Boyd, Minneota, RRC, Wabasso, Yellow Medicine East.



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