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Government costs too much

December 21, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

We are now hearing about the "fiscal cliff" and where and how to meet the two-pronged need - No. 1 more tax revenue and No. 2 curtailing spending.

I've heard enough of "cutting the miliary," "cut this program," etc. - enough to make anyone sick.

I have a novel idea and I have talked to a few senator's and representative's people over the last four months or more. One problem I may have had is that I never got to talk to the Big Dog and the hirelings may not have liked the idea. So it may have died there.

My idea is that it is the "government" itself that is too costly.

The schedule following would include all persons on the Fed payroll (with the exception of deployed military) from the cook at the VA hospital to the president.

Annual salary:

$300,000 and up - cut 20 percent.

$175,000 to $300,000 cut 15 percent.

$100,000 to $175,000 cut 10 percent.

$50,000 to $100,000 cut 5 percent.

Pensions are another problem in local government and private business. I have no idea what government pensions are but they should be cut by some sliding scale.

Social Security could be "means tested" (one heckuva fight I'm sure), but even us "bottom feeders" could stand a 1 or 2 percent cut if the big boys were cut as above.

Al Smith




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