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Serving up some hip hop

Trio starts monthly podcast that focuses on hip hop music

November 10, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Whenever David KelseyBassett of Currie would get together with his friend Nate Einck of Pipestone, they'd end up talking about hip hop music.

"We're both hip hop geeks," KelseyBassett said. "We thought we have this wealth of knowledge, why not record it?"

So the two, along with Oak Kelsey of Marshall, decided to start a monthly Internet radio program, Boom Bap Club Podcast, that looks at a broad range of local and national hip hop music commercial radio has overlooked.

Last year, KelseyBassett had deejayed a show in Franklin that featured the rap duo Phantom Balance.

"I was spinning a lot of classic '90s hip hop tunes," KelseyBassett said. "They appreciated the older stuff but weren't familiar with it. That got me thinking there's an audience in southwest Minnesota for hip hop music."

In February, the trio kicked off the podcast, with an emphasis on Minnesota's own hip hop history.

"This would be hip hop flavored, similar to 'American Roots' (on National Public Radio)," KelseyBassett said.

"When he came to me with that idea, I was totally on board," Einck said.

Both KelseyBassett and Einck have many books on hip hop, which helps with the research they do for each podcast.

The first show was dedicated to the late Heavy D. and featured songs by Minnesota hip hoppers, including Brother Ali, Big Quarters and Wize Guyz. KelseyBassett and Einck are host and co-host under the personas Saul Goode and Paul Dunyon. Kelsey's known as Oak Groove. The most recent podcast was titled "The Prince Influence." Previous podcasts included a tribute show to Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys and a tribute show to the late Guru of Gang Starr fame.

Kelsey's segment in the podcast is "Frequently Freaked Beats."

"Familiar drum beats that have been sampled a lot in hip hop," Kelsey said. Kelsey will go through the background of the beat, who wrote it and played drums on it and what makes it interesting.

In the late 1990s, Prince embraced hip hop, KelseyBassett said.

"Before that, a lot of hip hoppers sampled Prince," KelseyBassett said.

The three plan out songs they play during the podcast.

"We'll prepare set lists of three to four songs that have a theme," KelseyBassett said. "If it doesn't have a theme, we try to 'connect the dots.'"

When they record the podcast, the three may have three hours of material. KelseyBassett then edits it down to an hour or so.

Another part of the podcast is called "Flavor of the Month."

"It's three songs from three local hip hoppers that have a different flavor," KelseyBassett said. Those different "flavors" include swing hop and street, he said.

The three said they like to feature regional music on their podcast. Music from Minnesota acts like Atmosphere, Ecid and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis has been on the podcast.

Einck said they also do a part on the podcast called "Oldest to the New."

"It's breaking down an artist's catalog from start to finish," Einck said. Basically it's playing the earliest piece of recorded music by a certain artist to current. The trio said they do a lot of digging online or within their music collections to find songs to play on the podcast.

The three said the aim of the podcast is to find others who are interested in hip hop music, connecting to build a scene in southwest Minnesota.

And they're also looking for artists to be part of the show.

"We'd like to have people rap on the show," Kelsey said.

This past Friday, the three recorded their seventh podcast, which is a "lost and found" show, KelseyBassett said. It will look at obscure tunes and a lot of stuff from artists who were on major labels, but before they could complete their full-length album, the label would drop them. It will be released later this month.

For more information about the show and to listen to the podcasts, go to



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