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Be wary of political phone calls

October 5, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

On Sept. 10 I received a call at my home and I just wanted everyone in our region to know what is going on in our area. The caller was male and was difficult to understand. The call began as many political calls begin these days, by conducting a "survey."

The call went bad immediately. "What name seems more American to you?" "Weber?"with a positive voice or "Oberloh?" with a negative tone. The caller then began making statements that "Oberloh was supported by a large liberal group from the metro that was pouring thousands into his campaign"along with many other claims that just sounded false. I have found out by tracing the number from caller ID that the call originated in Ogden, Utah, and very likely outsourced from there. After the phone call, I called Alan Oberloh. Alan was appalled by these lies and distortions. As always, he took the time to answer my questions.

I know that politics can be rough. I know that politicians sometimes distort the truth about their opponent. And I'm not sure who paid for the "survey." But any candidate or party who resorts to lies and negative tactics does not deserve my vote. I hope that all residents of Senate District 22 will tell their candidates that these lies and tactics have no place in southwestern Minnesota.

Alan's campaign is transparent, even though this circumstance was ugly. When I spoke to Alan, he was reassuring and did not make negative statements about his opponent. His response reaffirmed my conviction that he is the right man for us in St. Paul. Alan Oberloh is a proven leader, and doesn't need to resort to negative tactics in order to get elected.

Rosemary Krueger Martin




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