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Short takes for Aug. 3

August 3, 2012
Marshall Independent

Supporting the Biglers

THUMBS UP: This is an extremely difficult time for the Brad Bigler family, and they have some tough days ahead as they deal with the loss of their son, Drake, who was killed in Saturday's car crash. And not only has the SMSU community reached out to the family, so, too, have residents of Marshall. A "Care Calendar" for the Biglers has been set up by Ann Schlenner, a friend of the family, that provides an opportunity for people to sign up to help in the coming months with things like food and yard work. The calendar is going around Marshall Public Schools, and the community of Marshall and outlines a schedule on a daily basis throughout August and even into September. The community, in an effort to help the family in any way it can, has responded in a big way, as dozens have signed up to either bring food to the Biglers on a given day or get their hands dirty doing some yard work. "I'm friends with Heather and Brad and have watched their kids the last three years, so I'm pretty close to the family and wanted to do something to help," Schlenner said. "Sometimes it's hard to know where help is needed." Schlenner said the calendar filled up with a matter of two or three days. "It's really heartwarming and really nice to see," she said. Another Marshall resident, Heidi Aufenthie, owner of Wee Care Preschool, said she will watch kids before, during and after Drake Bigler's funeral services at no charge. Makes you really appreciate living in a small town filled with some good people.

Campaign vitriol

THUMBS DOWN: Don't you wish the election was today and we could get it over with - it being the campaign and all the negativity tossed back and forth between President Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney? Of course, we expected nothing less; these days, negativity is the platform on which so many candidates use to win an election. These two are no different. If you believe either of them, they're both liars and neither has a clue as to how to lead properly. All we can do is try, in the next couple months, to sift through that negativity and form an educated opinion based not on who runs the most powerful and damaging ad, but on who we think will fix the economy and restore this country to what it once was.

Making the call on carts

THUMBS UP: It's good to see the Marshall City Council and the Legislative and Ordinance Committee not rush to a decision on allowing special vehicles on city streets. In May, a Marshall resident applied for a special vehicle permit for a golf cart to be driven around town. Allowing more liberal use of special vehicles would mean amending the city code on special vehicles, and while there are safety concerns surrounding the issue, some at this week's council meeting said smaller vehicles like mini-trucks and carts will likely become a more popular option for city residents for on-street use in the future because of high gas prices. It's an interesting topic and worth consideration. Minnesota statutes allow cities to regulate the use of golf carts, ATVs and mini-trucks, and some cities already allow golf carts to be used on streets during daylight hours.

Welcome rain

THUMBS UP: We could've done without the hail, but we sure did welcome Wednesday evening's rain. Many areas around southwest Minnesota got a much-needed shot of rain thanks to Wednesday's storm systems and more could be on the way tonight. Let's hope though that any future rainfall isn't accompanied by damaging winds and more hail. Our region's crops are already in a tough spot, and we sure don't need hail making things even worse.



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