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A quick pat-down before school?

Earlier this week, a kindergartner brought a gun to school. It wasn’t a squirt gun. It wasn’t a cap gun. It was a real gun, which begs the question: What the…?

May 10, 2014

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Parents need to be as involved in the lives of their children as much as humanly possible. Smother them if you have to. Be snoopy....

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May-16-14 9:42 PM

Hartman you crack me up. You espouse the wonderful things socialism will do for us. You espouse how great Obama care is, and you are always a champion for more and larger government at the expense of freedom and liberty. Yet in two of your posts on this subject you blame it on lack of common sense. I agree with you actually, cause common sense should tell people to keep their firearms secured from children, mine are. But common sense is the antithesis of almost everything you seem to want. Big government, the nanny state, socialism all say that "we the people" are to stupid to know what's best for ourselves and that we must rely on them for our very existence. You keep talking about common sense and someone may call you a conservative..

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May-16-14 3:38 PM

No Hartman diversion is your specialty. You won't answer a question or deal with an issue head on to save the world. Bottom line, your an idiot.

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May-16-14 3:26 PM

Draw your pictures, it sounds like you've got your crayolas out anyway. If the adults weren't able to lock it away in a closet, what makes you think they're going to take the initiative to lock it up with anything else?

Now, shut the **** up already.

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May-16-14 2:57 PM

Another knee jerk reaction common among some adolescents and many conservatives is diversion - when losing an argument they will attempt to draw attention to a different, often unrelated, topic. Nice try scout.

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May-16-14 2:22 PM

If you would like to discuss irresponsible behavior let's talk about "Fast & Furious". The Obama, Biden, Holder Justice Department allowed hundreds of guns to illegally go to Mexico resulting in several deaths, one a US Border Agent. The administrations refuses to release all documents related to this and no has been held accountable.

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May-16-14 2:17 PM

No Hartman I did NOT say we need a time machine. I asked a question which again you refuse to answer, instead you just make argumentative remarks so you don't have to address the issue.

I put the responsibility squarely on the parents and child. I don't know all the details and I'm sure you don't either so it is impossible to determine the degree of irresponsibility. What I do believe is the parents probably did not set firm enough consequences for this child breaking the rules. Therefore the child thought it was worth the risk to sneak the gun out.

When I was growing up none of the guns in the house were kept under lock & key. Myself and my siblings all new where they were and that the ammo was next to them. We also were taught not to touch them without a parent handing them to us. We were taught responsible gun ownership.

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May-16-14 12:11 PM

Your grasp of the obvious is remarkable farmkid. However it appears you are unaware more than one type of gun lock exists. I would be happy to provide you with several examples of gun storage options that have a lock and key which would have prevented the gun from being taken from the home. Would a picture help?

Scout thinks a knee jerk reaction from the left is to hold an adult accountable for their irresponsible behavior. Obviously the knee jerk reaction from conservatives is to blame everyone else for the problem except those responsible. We don't need more laws - we need a time machine to go back 40 years. That will solve the problem!

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May-16-14 11:13 AM

Typical knee jerk reaction from the left, lock it up, prosecute the parents,etc. Shouldn't be surprised considering this comes from someone who wanted to hold Borchs responsible when someone broke into their store and stole guns.

Obviously the parents should have done a better job of safeguarding the pistol. However, this 5 year old's capacity is not that limited considering they were able to sneak the gun away from it's storage place and into a backpack or whatever and to school without anyone noticing. They knew it was wrong.

I'll state the question again, less guns were locked away 40 years ago and we didn't have these problems, why ?

Stop crying for more laws and just address the problem.

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May-15-14 6:04 PM

A lock on the gun wouldn't make any difference to the school district is what I was saying. They would have to treat it the same, with or without a trigger guard.

Had the 5 year old been taught limits, especially about guns, he would have known that this would not turn out well for him.

Before you jump up on your soapbox and preach some more, take the time to think before you post. You wouldn't come across nearly as big an idiot then.

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May-15-14 5:56 PM

Most anyone with even a shred of common sense would agree that a great way to prevent someone from taking something valuable or dangerous is to lock it up. Clearly, common sense is in short supply among some of those posting here. So instead of locking our businesses and houses and cars and bikes and guns, we should make sure our all children AND adults are taught limits. Wow, that’s genius! Problem solved! Why didn’t we think of that before! Imagine ALL the money we could save on locks!

Five year old’s have a limited capacity to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. There are some twice that age which have difficulty discerning right from wrong. Of course the child should be made aware that what he did was wrong but punishing a 5 year old for something they may not comprehend as being wrong is not the answer. If the kids parents had known right from wrong, they would have had the gun locked up.

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May-15-14 6:50 AM

Charges are now pending for the adults of that household, for allowing the gun to be left out.

The school needs to discipline that kid as well, as it seems he hasn't been disciplined before.

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May-14-14 11:01 AM

Locking guns away, trigger guards and prosecutions are not the answer. As one poster stated,this is a case of a child who has not been taught limits or consequences. 40 years ago most homes had guns and almost none were locked away, if they were at least one was left out with ammunition close by ready for quick use. We didn't have problems with children bringing guns to school then so why do we now ? 40 years ago kids were taught limits and consequences for exceeding those limits. Now when a child misbehaves there is a rush to regulate the object of their attention. This does nothing to correct the bad behavior which is the problem.

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May-13-14 3:22 PM

A trigger guard wouldn't make any difference for a kid who brings a gun to school. Nor can kids go hunting in the morning before school and forget to drop his/her gun off at home.

Most of all the issues we're facing today can be solved (and cheaply) with better parenting.

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May-13-14 2:45 PM

Obviously, locking up guns, or at the very least using a trigger lock, IS the answer. So is prosecuting the gun owner for carelessly giving a 5 year old access to their weapon. But then its perfectly legal for children at any age to possess a gun. So much for common sense.

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May-12-14 10:56 PM

Locking the guns up isn't the answer. The Benson case is nothing more than a 5 year old who has never been taught limits, or probably consequences.

It's called parenting. You can't be a parent and a buddy to your child. If you are too worried about saying no to your kid, or teaching them limits and consequences (corporal punishment isn't all bad), then you are doing harm by bringing them into this world.

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May-12-14 5:14 PM

I'll preface this with stating that I do own firearms and that they are locked up. However, I do find it sort of odd that the prevailing wisdom is to lock all firearms up now. When I was a kid I knew right where all of my dad's guns were and they sure as heck weren't locked up. I also knew not to touch them and I didn't. All my friend's parents had firearms too, and none of them were locked up. Most were prominently displayed in a glass front cabinet in the living room or den. Not a lock in sight. No guns brought to school. No kids shot. Society's the problem, not guns.

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