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Short takes for April 25

April 25, 2014

Booze and bullets? Yikes! THUMBS DOWN: The Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 — signed into law in Georgia this week by Gov. Nathan Deal — is being called “extremism in action.” We call it stupid....

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May-07-14 8:25 PM

Look at the statistics. A concealed carry holder can carry in most places where alcohol is served yet the shootings that some right about have not occurred. Again I will state, all the uproar about this is totally unfounded. I don't need to show a valid purpose to carry, self defense is my right. Coincidentally, the cities with the strictest gun control laws have the highest crime rates. All the major shootings have occurred in "gun free zones". So much for gun control being effective.

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May-01-14 8:38 AM

There would be NO America if it weren't for the combination of guns and whiskey.

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Apr-30-14 5:33 PM

I think we can agree that a barfight which ends with someone being shot by a bar patron carrying their legally sanctioned loaded pistol will not have the same historical significance of the OK Corral shootout. As someone who is informed Wharog, obviously you're aware that increased gun ownership and fewer limits on conceal carry have not led to reductions in either violent or petty crime. I also haven't heard tales of bullies terrorizing bar customers in Georgia. So apparently there is no valid purpose for anyone to carry a loaded gun into a Georgia bar, except to showoff or intimidate others. The assertion that the Independent has produced “various hysterical gun control editorials” is as disingenuous as various hysterical gun advocate editorials claiming background checks infringe on the rights of gun owners.

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Apr-30-14 11:40 AM

Yes, clearly the wild wild west is going to happen in GA. /s

It's legal to carry in many states already in the US while sober in a bar including in MN. It's legal in Washington state to drink at a bar while carrying (which I disagree with). I follow all things related to firearms and firearm law quite carefully and I haven't found a single instance of the shootout at the OK Corral happening anytime recently except for 2 instances where off-duty police officers were drunk in a bar while carrying and got into altercations that resulted in them shooting an unarmed offender. Can't find a single instance in all 50 states of this happening with a regular CCW permit holder (non-police).

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Apr-30-14 11:29 AM

It’s laughable when gun advocates claim restrictions which limit where individuals can carry loaded guns infringes on their rights. Laws that restrict where an individual can yell "fire" in no way impacts that person’s freedom of speech.

Is the claim that it’s illegal to drink and carry or discharge a firearm supposed to make us all believe that allowing patrons to bring loaded guns into a bar is a good idea? It’s illegal to be intoxicated and drive, yet it happens all too frequently and the consequences are often deadly. Clearly, leaders in Georgia are naïve if they do not think the potential for gun violence will be more likely by allowing customers to carry loaded guns into bars. Bottoms up!

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Apr-29-14 10:45 AM

In Georgia (and every other state in the US with the exception of Washington state) it is against the law to discharge a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. It is legal for permitted firearms holders to carry in a restaurant in MN as well (unless that establishment posts otherwise).

Additionally it's absolutely laughable for the Editor to claim the Independent is pro 2a. Please count up all the various hysterical gun control editorials you have written. You're certainly pro 1st amendment, but you have no concept of the 2nd.

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Apr-28-14 5:07 PM

All the hoopla over this law is much ado about nothing. It's not the people with the carry license you need to worry about.

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Apr-28-14 5:05 PM

Calm down and take a look at what the law really says and look at the history of concealed carry in the last 25 years.

If you read the law it probably says if you are drinking you cannot carry a gun. So, no drunks getting into shootouts. Most states do have a provision to allow chl holders to carry where alcohol is served as long as they are not drinking. If you chose to have a drink you need to lock your weapon in the trunk of your car first. In the 80's when concealed carry laws started to pop up there were cries of shootouts like the wild west, they didn't happen. Do a little research and you will find the incidence of legal concealed carry holders getting into gunfights with someone other than a criminal is practically zero.

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