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Sports center in House bonding bill

April 1, 2014
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Apr-03-14 1:37 PM

On many occasions, I saw youth (8th grade or so) practicing hockey after a varsity game (starting at 9:30pm). I also saw younger kids (5th grade or so) practicing at 6am. These were regular practice times - not aberrations. Is that normal for other sports?

I believe there are specific plans in place for tournaments, recruiting from much further than Sioux Falls - which come from the MN Sports Commission (not from Marshall-ites).

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Apr-03-14 9:09 AM

Marshalls rink isnt as nice New Ulm or Willmars. But is nicer than most towns of 20k or less. theres more ice time available now than Marshall Hockey needs. Does anyone really believe that people are going to drive from the cities or Sioux Falls for Hockey in the winter or the summer?

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Apr-02-14 9:23 PM

This time I'm siding with hartman. But why stop there? Let's go for 4 billion. That should really brighten the future.

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Apr-02-14 4:53 PM

Also, Blasphemer, the proposed facility will serve a multi-purpose role, allowing for hockey, conventions/trade shows, wrestling, gymnastics, etc. This will allow Marshall to be a host of larger-scale events which will in turn cause attendees to spend their dollars in our community. This was all debated hotly last year around election time, since we had to vote to kick in. Maybe before adding comments, you would be better served by doing some research.

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Apr-02-14 4:42 PM

blasphemer - there is a 2 sheet hockey facility. Marshall currently only has 1 sheet and it is quite outdated. Imagine only having 1 baseball field or 1 basketball court. It's not apples to apples, but you get the point - 2 sheets is new.

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Apr-02-14 4:39 PM

sum - I agree with reasonable bonding & borrowing.

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Apr-02-14 3:20 PM

There will nothing at this "sports center" that is not available in this town already.

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Apr-02-14 1:48 PM

56two58 seems rational. Also, we shouldn't borrow for annual capital outlays, such as for transportation. That's completely foolish.

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Apr-01-14 11:10 PM

"Maybe we should borrow 2 Billion then hartman and we'd have twice the ecomic stimulation..." I expected a more intellectual reply from an "SMSU" guy.

Did prior generations borrow our future earnings to build water and waste systems, electrical grids, roads, bridges, schools, parks, etc. that have enhanced our lives? Of course not. We benefited from their contributions but you object contributing to future generations.

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Apr-01-14 5:40 PM

I think responsible bonding is okay & can fuel growth. The question is if this is responsible or not.

Similar to how I believe it is okay to take out a mortgage to purchase a house - very, very few people pay cash for a home. Again, I see reasonable borrowing.

SMSUguy - do you think there should be no bonding at all?

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Apr-01-14 5:13 PM

Maybe we should borrow 2 Billion then hartman and we'd have twice the ecomic stimulation....or think of what we could do if we borrowed even more of our children's future earnings....

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Apr-01-14 4:08 PM

Imagine what it cost to build a college in a corn field beginning in 1964. Talk about a big project - and 50 years later Marshall continues to reap the benefits. Imagine what Marshall would be like without SMSU. In fact SMSUguy would be cornfieldguy. What are the options, maintain the status quo? Are projects intended to stimulate economic development a bad thing?

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Apr-01-14 2:29 PM

"Hey I'm going to propose we spend almost a BILLION dollars on projects......even though I think that's inadequate." A BILLION dollars in borrowing and spending is inadequate??? WHat color is the sky in your world? You sure have an easy time spending other people's money.

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