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A push for ‘pragmatic energy policy’

October 25, 2013

To the editor: My district is the largest wind-producing district in Minnesota. I understand how crucial it is to develop and invest in renewable energy sources....

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Dec-30-13 5:35 PM

I too am tired of the money going out of country. I have a son that works in wind energy and a son who works in oil. I work in oil. We are all from Ruthton. I live and work in the Bakken. We have to hire international workers at 15 an hour plus free housing because not enough will move to ND to work. The cost of your oil goes up because of the costs to hot shot things to the sites because of lack of people to transport. Cant even open Mc Donalds more than 5 hours a day lack of staff. So why send money overseas? Oil and wind companies are trying to work together here in the Bakken. Some Minnesota companies have stepped up to the plate on how they can help in North Dakota. We need Pallets made and shipped..... AKA trying to get a connection going with the pallet company in Ruthton. What about a company wanting to Coat the FBE pipe and fittings? We have to send to Texas and hot shot it to the field. Schwan's foods is well loved up here because it delivers and is avaialbe.

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Nov-14-13 9:37 PM

There is an excellent solution to nuclear waste - and the first $5 million will get that plan from me.

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Nov-13-13 12:28 PM

Rona - I'm of no help with the wind towers near Marshall that disappeared, but there were several articles a while back showing how the numerous solar companies invested in by the Obama administration went belly-up (*******money.cnn****/2012/10/22/news/economy/obama-energy-bankruptcies/) Another alternative energy that isn't working is Ethanol (***********nbcnews****/business/secret-dirty-cost-obamas-green-power-push-2D11577495), yet we continue to sink tax dollars into these "technologies" as it's politically incorrect not to.

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Nov-01-13 9:21 AM

Rona, The missing windmills that you just can't stop referring to had nothing to do with government money. I can only assume that you are refering to the five that once stood near ADM. They were put up privately(no gvmt money). They were never connected to the grid as far as I know. They were also taken down without the help of the gvmt (long after their life span). So enough already Rona. At least try and get your information straight.

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Oct-31-13 10:17 AM

Not one word of constructive comments or answers about the missing windmills that were around Marshall. Maybe you can explain where all our gov money went for solar energy. How much ended up in Obamas cronies hands? Wilmar has two wind generators How dependable have they been? What are they going to do do when the warranty runs out?

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Oct-27-13 8:21 PM

Rona, yes. My electric cooperative sent a nice letter explaining why my rates are going up. Governor Pawlenty's renewable energy plan gives them a reason to build more plants and charge higher rates for when the wind isn't blowing. Imagine that! Al, your comment hits what struck me first. Nuclear power must be one of those unfavorable power sources we talk negatively about. Perhaps the Senator would like the nuclear waste burried in his back yard?

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Oct-27-13 2:22 PM

Add advanced nuclear plants to the list.

You don't hear much about fuel cells anymore.

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Oct-26-13 11:16 PM

Now the trick is for people to start listening to foresighted individuals like Mr. Weber. This is a "pragmatic" appeal to common sense, based on the sound judgement of those making the appeal, and the focused awareness of an audience so that they will listen.

What have you got to lose? Well, listen to our current President, he will tell you in a very rare moment of honesty. To quote, "Energy costs will necessarily skyrocket". Can't get much plainer than that!

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Oct-26-13 10:43 PM

good point rona - about looking at the government relationship to energy, which is somewhere between $14 billion to $52 billion annually for support/subsidy/protection of OIL. I am not sure how much a price tag you would add for the mideast wars for oil, lives and money just to be able to burn more oil. How much is a life worth? Then there is the cost to human health and environmental degradation from the production and burning of those fuels. Let me rent you a little apartment in the Flint Hills tank complex in Marshall for your primary research.

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Oct-26-13 9:24 AM

Lets take a good honest look at these different energies. Last I heard we are producing enough oil to supply us and export the surplus. That seems to be one segment of our energy system that is working dispite all efforts to discourage it through gov policys. Looking at the Buffalo Ridge area we see 100s of wind generators making electricity. My thought is what is the actual lifetime of them and what do they cost if you take away the gov help? I could also ask if we have to build power plants to provide power when the wind stops what have we saved? I would ask the same with the various solar systems we have seen. It seems the more the gov sticks its hand into anything the more expensive and corrupt it gets. I can remember several windmills around Marshall a few years ago that were supposed to provide low cost energy. What happened to them? I guess we could ask Wilmar what kind of success they have been having with theirs.

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Oct-25-13 9:14 AM

Higher taxes MAY not be necessary, but corporate subsidies are definitely NOT necessary.

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Oct-25-13 5:17 AM

Well said, Bill. Thank you.

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