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Facts say sky isn't falling

June 19, 2013

To the editor: The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Chicken Little spreading the alarm. Taxes are going up! Taxes are going up! Representative Chris Swedzinski spreading the alarm....

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Aug-02-13 5:14 PM

Really, that is lazy analysis. How do you want to define education? In a state like Minnesota it is more important to get a college degree than it is in South Dakota. If you want to measure by average IQ, South Dakota ranks 13th and Minnesota is 4th just behind North Dakota. How do you want to define standard of living? Would a person in rural SD have a different idea of standard of living than a guy living in downtown Minneapolis? Sure wages are higher in blue states, but what is the cost of living? PS. When talking IQ, California ranks 48th....and that is a lot of people. If Washington DC were included they would rank 51st. Texas ranks 30th.

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Jul-28-13 5:32 PM

really not one thing you said about me is correct.

Aren't you forgetting the explanation on how I am living off of you?

And what about a donation to the cancer fund?

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Jul-21-13 7:58 PM

Merritt, yes. Take a look at the States with higher taxes, in general, do they have a higher standard of living? Better educated population? Higher wages? You tell me. Is Minnesota better than South Dakota? F yes! Take Texas and their HUGE economy, low taxes, high poverty level, horrible education. Where am I wrong here?

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Jul-21-13 7:54 PM

AL, your disability doesn't stop you from commenting on EVERY article in the Independent. So in todays workforce the ability to sit at a computer and "work" is a normal way to earn a living. Go get a job, go start a business. You are just another back seat driver. You took zero risk working for corporations for which you hired "thousands". Was your entire future ever on the line?NO. Financially? Reputation? NO. You could just walk away and get another job, which I'm sure you did. The funny thing is the things I do are the very things you conservatives preach about as a necessity to a strong economy. Jealous much? Need a job? We should talk about getting you off the sidelines and in the game.

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Jul-19-13 4:22 PM

Really, are you saying that if South Dakota raised it's tax rates to be on par with Minnesota, they would have had more growth than they have experienced over the last 30 years and the people would have a higher standard of living than they do today?

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Jul-18-13 1:14 PM

really - if I wasn't disabled i would start a company to compete with you so you would have less to brag about.

You have never sent me a dime so what are you talking about?

In my career I was responsible for thousands of employees, returned organizations to profitability, had a net record of hiring more employees because the businesses improved, and raised pay and benefits for most employees.

I had no minimum wage employees.

Your story changes every time you post a comment.

Did you or did you not contribute to the new cancer center? Easy question but ne you refuse to answer.

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Jul-18-13 9:14 AM

Merritt, your simplistic view of "free markets" and the tax structures effect on jobs is infantile. Your probably a huge promoter of South Dakota, as a prime example, and their now 30 year push to steal Minnesota companies with "tax incentives", no income tax for workers and a better "environment" for business. Fortune 500 companies in Minnesota last I looked like 18. South Dakota and your philosophy, still ZERO. Minnesota, high taxes. South Dakota, low taxes. Why is that Merritt? States that have low taxes have a lower standard of living, lower wages, inferior education, shorter life expectancy. Catch a clue.

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Jul-18-13 9:04 AM

Sorry AL, but I am a very substantial taxpayer, that is not bragging that is fact. You leach off me, period. You continue to make things up, " benefits or vacation pay", NONE of that is accurate. I have stated that some people in my employ start out at the federal minimum wage yes. Then you take the ball and run and boy does your mind run. Our "average employee" makes in the high teens per hour. We have a wide range of skills and job duties. We have employees that do get benefits, we have employees that don't. What private company in Lyon Co. provides 100% of its employed with benefits? NONE! AL, maybe you should try to employ someone once, on your own dime, then maybe your opinion will count. There is no age limit, no health reason that should stop you from starting your own business tom., please do.

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Jul-15-13 4:04 PM

really - you sure don't pay attention to what others write, but you can sure make up some whoppers! I am retired, enjoying Medicare but paying through the nose for two supplements due to health issues - you wouldn't want my prescriptions bills.

I had employer insurance for many years and all my employers were self-insured - do you even know what that means.

As far as your employees go, you are the braggert that has said many times that you provide no benefits or vacation pay. so you want healthy employees but you want to leach off the taxpayers.

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Jul-13-13 8:17 PM

AL why is employer provide healthcare so important to you but government assisted healthcare, which you enjoy the benefits so evil? Why are employers responsible for providing insurance? Doesn't that just bog down private business with paperwork and extra employees making them less efficient? Did you forget your conservative mantras?

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Jul-13-13 8:12 PM

AL, first my "embrace" of the ACA is based primarily on the courage it took to finally bring something to the table to improve the outlook and slow down the cost of healthcare for most Americans. This is something that conservatives have never done. AL you continually try to "reveal" what my employees get and do not get. What do you provide your employees? What is your payroll? What did you pay in tax last year? The year before? The year before? NOTHING. Your opinions on taxes, programs, business are worth nothing.

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Jul-12-13 1:50 PM

really - where is your contribution to the new cancer center? Put your money where your mouth is.

For someone who doesn't provide health care to his low wage employees, you seem to embrace obamacare, which doesn't affect you.

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Jul-12-13 12:11 PM

Listen-up all conservatives. I know you're not a lost cause and I believe you're wise enough to take this to heart. You lefties can go down with the ship you helped foist upon the rest of us and you can ignore this post. It will do you no good since "nary and ounce of wisdom and foresight resides inside the soul of a leftist."

The dollar will collapse from Bernanke's "quantitative easing". The bill will eventually come due "and that right soon." Prepare yourself. If you have savings like a 401k. Move it out of the market and into gold and silver.

Atlas may have shrugged gabberfalsted's way, but liberal is here to take his reigns. More to come..

Oh, and come to Jesus!

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Jul-12-13 6:10 AM

Merritt, what "free market"? It is a myth used to sucker fools into thinking there is a chance, things are fair.

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Jul-12-13 6:07 AM

AL, you don't know the first thing about "obamacare", and your wheels came off years ago as anyone who reads these threads knows!

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Jul-09-13 11:05 AM

The wheels are coming off Obamacare. It's over.

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Jul-03-13 10:56 PM

How could anyone disagree with rangeral's happy 4th of July comment?

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Jul-03-13 10:22 PM

My math skills are as good ad they get Hartman. Your concept of how an economy works leaves something to be desired. Why would I tell my employer to cut wages? I want them to determine my pay by the value I bring to the organization. Basic concept. If I am underpaid, I either go elsewhere or be self employed. Basic concept.

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Jul-03-13 6:22 PM

hartman - what trough are you feeding out of - public sector, private business, union member, what? You've managed to run down all areas of the economy so it will be interesting to hear where your income comes from.

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Jul-03-13 5:48 PM

Merritt, because your (sorry, should be you're) motivated by being productive, contributing what you can to the economy and society and gaining experience and job skills, go tell your boss to cut your wages since you seem to be more than willing to work for less.

I'm looking for a new proofreader, salary to be determined.

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Jul-03-13 5:43 PM

I'm glad your story has a happy ending NBHH. Fortunately there are millions of companies, large and small, that actually realize how important and valuable their workforce is to their success. Unfortunately, there also exists millions of other companies, large and small, that treat their employees like objects subjecting them to unsafe working conditions, long hours, low pay and no benefits.

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Jul-03-13 5:34 PM

A company "coming in" or relocating already exists, therefore the jobs already exist. No new jobs are created. Many other considerations go into the decision to relocate or start a business in a particular location. Temporary tax relief is at the bottom of that list, but hey it never hurts for communities to offer a legal bribe. So much for the "free market" concept.

Paying someone a living wage which has been established at approx $9/hr by today's standards hardly constitutes a diminishing return, especially compared to $100/hr. You obviously have poor math skills Merritt.

Merritt, because your motivated by being productive, contributing what you can to the economy and society and gaining experience and job skills, go tell your boss to cut your wages since you seem to be more than willing to work for less.

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Jul-03-13 4:34 PM

Hartmann, you keep prattling on about how corporations have always been greedy, heartless, always sacrificing their workers, ad nauseum. From my own personal experience, I can call you what you are, a callous liar, always handy with a strawman argument.

I had a well paying job, w/o the help of an archaic union. One absolute requirement was near-perfect eyesight. Then I went blind. The company didn't toss me out in the street. Rather they provided me (alongside private insurance, yet another corporation) with medical retirement EQUAL TO my salary. No union pension. No government handout. Any more lies about the heartlessness of corporations?

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Jul-03-13 4:14 PM

If companies go where they get favorable tax treatment, that means taxes would be a barrier to a company coming in. Since companies employ people, taxes would be a barrier to job creation.

The motivation? Being productive? Contributing what you can to the economy and society? Gain experience and job skills? All of the above? Multiple choice - pick the best answer.

Diminishing returns applies to the minimum wage at the current rate as much as it does at $100 an hour. If you don't provide a value that is worth the minimum wage, the job won't exist. Instead of providing benefits for an unemployed person, we could provide benefits for the underemployed. At least they are doing something to earn their subsidy that way.

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Jul-03-13 3:45 PM

"Ok, so taxes are a barrier to job creation." READ my comment Merritt. I stated consumer spending CREATES JOBS and nothing about barriers to job creation.

"If a person is jobless, it costs the government more." It also costs the govt more if the person is NOT earning a living wage. What's the motivation to work if you still need assistance just to make ends meet?

"...why not change the minimum wage to $100 an hour." Because then CEO's would feel underpaid. Because you don't eat 20 donuts at one time. Because there reaches a point of diminishing returns. Multiple choice Merritt - pick the best answer.

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