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Pass tobacco price increase

April 5, 2013

To the editor: As a tobacco control advocate, I’m happy to say that this legislative session has been encouraging: The House heard testimony about bills that would close the “little cigar” loophole......

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Apr-15-13 3:30 PM

i think it was gabberflasted who said it best when he/she said "there is a 100% chance the taxes will go up now that the dems have full control of the mn house, senate and governor's mansion." a tobacco tax is a tax on the middle and lower class. you get what you vote for when you are a low information voter. tee hee

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Apr-11-13 6:03 PM

KK, that was an idea I was willing to mention since I have participated in both issues. I am no hypocrite and I'm not afraid of "government intrusion" because I know there are plenty of people out there who actually need it.

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Apr-11-13 5:42 AM

In 1965 42% of all adults smoked, since then repeated tax increases have been implemented, today around 20% of all adults smoke. To say taxing the crap out of tobacco doesn't actually save us money as a society is probably wrong.

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Apr-09-13 1:06 PM

I would agree with you, KK.

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Apr-09-13 12:21 PM

Al, again I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. And your right smoking does kill, so does booze, obesity, drug addiction, or stepping in front of a truck. Point is I don't think there is a good way to die, but we all will. To change the subject Al, have you noticed this? You take the position of being in favor of tax increases on tobacco, I take the position of being opposed to it. It doesn't seem to matter. The mental midget's who disagree with everything disagree equally with both of us. WTH. Are these lemmings so brain dead that they can't form their own opinion on anything. I would bet it has much more to do with us usually taking the conservative position on issues, than these morons actually reading our posts and thinking for themselves. Sheeple.

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Apr-08-13 2:37 PM

KK - it is always interesting that when a subject like tobacco comes up, it always about something that has nothing to do with tobacco in the replies - it is obesity, alzheimers, soda, etc.

You folks just don't want to deal with the fact that smoking kills - the user and those around them - and it is a slow horrible way to die.

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Apr-08-13 12:11 PM

So you can take your freedoms and stuff them up where the sun don't shine.-rangeral.

Wow Al, spoken like a little dictator. Guess I was wrong about you. Freedom al is also protecting the rights of people and actions that you disagree with. By the way Al-dolf, I don't smoke either, I have friends that do I just try not to be so judgmental about their, "stupid" behavior. Alzheimers is also a cruel disease which has been linked,(in some studies) to metals like aluminum. What's your solution Al the beer and pop can gestapo?

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Apr-07-13 4:41 PM

Bill didn't smoke - it was secondary smoke that killed him.

So you can take your freedoms and stuff them up where the sun don't shine. Your freedom that you defend kills other people around you.

Nothing like hearing stupid people with a bad habit that can kill other people.

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Apr-07-13 3:06 PM

Been there Al. All the more reasons for my position. I don't believe any of those people I know would have used there own situation to advocate more taxes and since they can't say that I will. Part of a fading concept called personal accountability. There would be the slightest crack in the door if those taxes were actually used to help the addicted. I tried to find specific uses of money from state and federal settlements in both lump sum payments and those committed to over time. And money from those little tax stamps. Not much. A new crop of ads now and then. New words on the packaging. MN ranks about 10th in using funds for cessation help at about 20% of the recommended amount. But there are cases of it being borrowed from and against for other uses. I'm all ears if someone can show any significant uses.

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Apr-07-13 2:14 PM

Al I'm sorry about your friend Bill dying. But supporting a nanny state that eliminates freedom and using the argument that, "if it just stops one person from suffering" is exactly what the leftists use in their efforts to ban firearms. I agree with Pirate, if something is so terrible that the people must be protected from it, then follow the process and ban it. Tobacco is a good example of governments hypocrisy, on one hand they still subsidize the growth of tobacco, but on the other they demonize the use of the product they just put tax-payor dollars into producing. Then they blame and sue the tobacco companies for people smoking. It's tobacco, what were they supposed to make corn flakes. Yes, smoking is a bad habit and people would be wise to quit. But it should be done of freewill not imposed upon you by a nanny state. I'm just concerned that if we open the door for government regulation by taxation, we will never get it closed again.

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Apr-07-13 11:27 AM

prate - it is horrible to watch someone you love die from lung disease due to smoking.

That is my point. Period.

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Apr-06-13 5:05 PM

OK Al, staying on topic. I have an issue with Tax Cheerleaders trying to raise taxes and tell me it’s for my own good. Point 1 – we don’t need more taxes. It’s killing the economy. We need money flowing though the private sector, not public. Government has shown decisively it is unable to manage a budget. Point 2 – I don’t need more taxes justified as being on my behalf. I’m not a subscriber to the nanny state model. If all believe something is so heinous I need to be protected from it follow the process and have it banned. Trying to tax something to death or using executive orders are nothing more than an end run. I believe in our system of government as it stands, not how far it can be distorted to accommodate every special interest.

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Apr-06-13 1:57 PM

Write a letter, Pirate.

As i said, I didn't expect any crap answers and if you had a separate issue, then write a letter.

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Apr-06-13 12:16 PM

So Al, if raising taxes makes it possible for one single mother and her children to have a better life, or if raising taxes helps to build an education system that works for those that don't fit the current system, the sky is the limit on taxes? Smell a bit of hypocrisy, Al.

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Apr-06-13 12:29 AM

I doubt Swede heard you, because it wasn't his own party telling him what to do.

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Apr-05-13 11:16 PM

I have going to cardiopulmonary rehab for over 14 years. The toughest cases are the pulmonary or combined that smoked for years. My friend Bill just passed away after his body rejected a lung transplant.

Folks - the pulmonary diseases are tough to watch as they progress. These are real people that suffer greatly.

If raising the tax stops one person from suffering a painful, lingering death - then raise the tax to the sky.

Don't give me that crap about other people with other issues - if you feel strongly about, say the obese, then write your own letter to the editor.

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Apr-05-13 9:16 PM

Not quite sure what a "tobacco control advocate" is, but I think the key word is control. I wonder what other behaviors this woman would like to see "controlled", with the helping hand of Big Brother. Scarier yet are lemmings like common who welcome more government intrusion into their lives. Common thinks that people should have to pay for their constitutionally guaranteed rights, and somehow connects yet another tobacco tax to the 2nd amendment.

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Apr-05-13 8:16 PM

"Some whoever from the prairie..."? And I paid no attention to this comment.

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Apr-05-13 7:11 PM

For the previous two commentors, be realistic. You must be smokers. I don't smoke, but I do own guns. I am willing to accept a charge for background checks to purchase firearms and in exchange how about a tax hike in tobacco? Otherwise your arguments hold no water.

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Apr-05-13 5:42 PM

Judy, hopefully you are behind an obese tax as well. And while we're at it, maybe a "radon gas tax" for those of us choosing to live in an area known to be high in radon gas.

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Apr-05-13 3:10 PM

There you have it in a nutshell. Some whoever from the prairie supporting additional government taxation to eliminate something she doesn't like. I guess I missed the day when using taxes for behavioral modification was explained. You have to wonder how a person like this would feel with others suggesting more government intrusion into her life. Think of the revenue possibilities of doubling up the tax on each cup of coffee, even the free refills. While there is a near universal dread of increasing income taxes on all brackets to balance the budget, everyone seems to have their pet target, as long as it isn't them. All the while the government whistles their way happily to the bank with more special interest taxes that were "mandated by their constituents". Divide and conquer.

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