Minnesota’s political divide

innesota, it is reported, is the only state in the union with a divided Legislature — Democrats in control of the House, and Republicans in control of the Senate. But the results of last Tuesday’s election show the Minnesota divide is not political as much as it is geographic.

A map of the governor’s election results shows a sea of red in rural Minnesota, where counties by and large voted for the Republican candidate, Jeff Johnson. Small concentrated areas of blue around the large cities and suburbs show where governor-elect Tim Walz gained the votes necessary to win the election. That Democratic dominance in the suburbs especially is what gave the DFL its controlling margin in the House.

Walz’s goal is “One Minnesota,” a state where government works for the benefit of all. It may be impossible to find common ground in areas like transportation infrastructure, where an “us vs. them” mentality has long dominated the funding debate. But if Walz can find the common ground in issues that affect us all, like job creation, workforce development and education, he may have a chance to bridge the divide.