Hughes boasts of Trump tweet

Keynote speaker believes he will win by double digits over Peterson

Photo by Jody Isaackson Republican Candidate for 7th Congressional District Dave Hughes was the keynote speaker at the Lyon County Republican annual dinner Tuesday evening. Hughes and fellow Republican candidates urged conservative voters not to be complacent on Nov. 6.

MARSHALL — Republican Candidate for U.S. Representative District 7 Dave Hughes bragged about a President Donald Trump tweet over the weekend when he addressed the Lyon County Republican annual dinner Tuesday evening as the keynote speaker.

“Dave Hughes is running for Congress in the Great State of Minnesota. He will help us accomplish our America First policies, is strong on Crime, the Border, our 2nd Amendmen (sic), Trade, Military and Vets. Running against Pelosi Liberal Puppet Petterson (sic). Dave has my Total Endorsement!” Trump tweeted on Sept. 8

“I think that was one of the most significant things.” Hughes said. He is hoping Trump will visit Minnesota before the election. “I think we’re going to win by double digits, Nov. 6.”

The Lyon County Republican annual meeting event drew voters from a wide area to fill the Adult Community Center in Marshall for the fundraising dinner and political speeches.

Hughes talked numbers with Marshall area Republicans. The numbers he talked about were: 2, 49, 231, 71 and 538.

Two was the number of points he was behind his opponent, incumbent Colin Peterson. Forty-nine was the days left until election in which his supporters needed to work hard to win.

“It has been 231 years since the Constitution was written,” Hughes said. He talked about fair booths and other events where Republicans proudly display the U.S. Constitution, but he has yet to see the Democrats do that.

“Monday was National Constitution Day,” Hughes said. “Everyone should carry a copy in their pocket and be ready to talk about it.”

This year is the 71st birthday of the U.S. Air Force, he said, in which he has served for over 21 years.

The FiveThirtyEight Poll talked about the Senate race being a toss-up at this point, Hughes said.

“My camp has commissioned a poll to be taken,” Hughes said, so they could get a clearer picture of the small point spread between himself and Peterson.

With all the advertising and the surveys, campaigns are expensive and Peterson isn’t sparing the funds, Hughes said, so Hughes, himself, will be in Washington D.C. next week for a fundraiser for his own campaign.

“We have the plan. We have the team,” Hughes said. “We just need the funds to run the media campaign at the national level.”

Election comments were also given by Chris Swedzinski and Dave Sturrock. Sturrock spoke on behalf of Karin Housley. Rep. Joe Schomacker had also planned to speak but had an unexpected, last minute change of plans.

Swedzinski spoke about the fight ahead of conservative voters in the upcoming general election. We cannot afford to be complacent, was his message, but get out there and work hard for Republicans to win, he said.

“Karin has infectious enthusiasm,” Sturrock said of Housley. “She has a talent for fielding the junk media throw at her and turn it to her advantage.”

Sturrock also talked about Housley’s success rate in financial management and real estate, and that she is a specialist in health care for seniors and long-term health care.

“Helping her finish big in Lyon County will help offset other counties that aren’t running so well,” Sturrock said.

Following the speakers, Lyon County Concerned Women for American (CWA) Chapter Leader Arlene Markell spoke about the dangers of the Islamic movement in the United States, Democratic support for giving welfare to illegal immigrants to appease Democratic voters and giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Markell also had literature available that drew attention to what she called the truth about Islamic Law known as Sharia Law and that it opposes the U.S. Constitution.

“The Left is saying that President Donald Trump is destroying Democracy, but not so,” Markell said. “He’s just draining the swamp.”


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