New at the Library

New Materials at the Marshall-Lyon County Library


• Baart, Nicole. Little Broken Things

• Beaton, M.C. Death of an Honest Man

• Block, Stefan Merrill. Oliver Loving

• Burns, V.M. The Plot is Murder

• Garcia, Christian. Here in Berlin

• Harwood, Clarissa. Impossible Saints

• Hilton, Laura V. Love by the Numbers

• Jackson, Lisa. One Last Breath

• Kellerman, Jonathan. Night Moves

• Kinsella, Sophie. Surprise Me

• Lippman, Laura. Sunburn

• Medoff, Jillian. This Could

• Navin, Rhiannon. Only Child

• Patterson, James. Fifty Fifty


• Brown, Warren. Cakelove in the Morning

• Carrol, MD, Aaron. The Bad Food Bible

• Doggett, Peter. Electric Shock

• Ehrman,Bart D. The Triumph of Christianity

• Fairbanks-Critchfield, Caroline. Crafty Little Things to Sew

• Ginna, Peter. What Editors Do

• Haselton, PhD, Martie. Hormonal The Hidden Intelligence of Hormones

• Huber, Heidi. Dairy Delights The Home Creamery

• Langston, Nancy. Sustaining Lake Superior

• McAlister, Michael & Litchfield, Michael. Wiring Complete (Third Edition)

• Peerless, Veronica. How Not to Kill Your House Plant

• Powell, Lynn. Season of the Second Thought

• Rhoads, Loren. 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die

• Scofield, Sandra. The Last Draft

• Stern, Ken. Republican Like Me

• The Face of Mercy A Photographic History of Medicine at War


• Hendry, Sharon Darby. Glensheen’s Daughter The Marjorie Congdon Story

• Woldt, Thomas. Painting the Stage with People


• Bauer, Marion Dane. Winter Dance

• Beebe, Katy. Nile Crossing

• Dyckman, Ame. Read the Book, Lemmings!

• Friedman, Laurie. Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas!

• Gehl, Laura. Peep and Egg I’m Not Taking a Bath

• Gliori, Debi. Little Owl’s Egg

• Jenkins, Steve & Page, Robin. An Animal Guessing Game Who Am I?

• McAnulty, Stacy. Brave

• McFarland, Clive. The Fox and the Wild

• Rotner, Shelley. Hello Autumn!

• Silvestro, Annie. Mice Skating

• Sliwerski, Jessica Reid. Cancer Hates Kisses

• Verdick, Elizabeth. Small Walt

• Willems, Mo. Sam the Most Scaredy-Cat Kid in the Whole World

• Wilson, Steve & Tapper, Lucy. Hedgehugs Autumn Hide-and-Squeak

Juvenile fiction

• Buyea, Rob. The Perfect Score

• Haddix Margaret Peterson. Children of Refuge

• Middleton, Dana. Open if you Dare

• Morpurgo, Michael. Greatest Animal Stories

• Pennypacker, Sara. Waylon! Even More Awesome

• Rundell, Katherine. The Explorer

• Stone, Tarmara Ireland. Click’d

Juvenile non-fiction

• Arnosky, Jim. Hidden Wildlife

• Bray, Adam. Star Wars Rebels The Visual Guide Characters Weapons Vehicles Locations

• Carlson, Laurie. Doll Crafts

• Carter, Graham. Alphamals A-Z

• Eggers, Dave. Her Right Foot

• Henrion, Alexia, D.I.Y. Dollhouse

• Herkert, Barbara. A Boy, a Mouse, and a Spider

• Kenny, Karen Latchana. Animal Architects: Beaver; Birds

• Kenny, Karen Latchana. Animal Architects Birds

• Lawrence, Sandra. Myths and Legends

• Rinker, Sherri Duskey. Big Machines

• Waxman, Laura Hamilton. Ice Hockey and Curling