Take care of the cord

Dear Heloise: I’d like to urge everyone who owns a pet and a computer to hide their cords in a long tube designed to hold wires, or to somehow get those cords off the floor. We recently had an accident here where our cat bit down on a cord and got a nasty shock. It knocked out power to my computer, and the cat was knocked out for a minute or two. She’s OK now, but this could have been much worse. Our pets don’t know about the dangers of chewing on an electrical cord, so it’s up to the owners to protect them from being electrocuted. — Brandon M., Casper, Wyo.

Dear Heloise: I’ve worked as a firefighter in Los Angeles for nearly 18 years, and I’d like to remind people to never leave a candle or fire in a fireplace unattended. Every holiday season, we get way too many calls for assistance from people who made the mistake of thinking they could walk off and leave a candle lit. It takes only one tiny spark to destroy everything you own, so please don’t take that risk. — Mike in Los Angeles

Mike, thank you for the reminder. Besides clothing and furniture, every home holds memories, family heirlooms, photos and other things money can’t replace. It’s important to be cautious around any fire. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: Concerning the “advanced planning” that Bill S. wrote about, I agree with him, but instead of placing all that information in a manila envelope, I place it in a small, fireproof safe. We never know what might happen. After all the work he did, wouldn’t it be sad if it was all lost in a fire? — Virginia M., West Carrollton, Ohio

Virginia, a safe is a good idea, but make sure someone else you trust has the combination. — Heloise