PREP FOOTBALL: Minneota runs away from Lakeview, 84-7

Photo by Lacey Barke The Minneota defense awaits the snap from Lakeview quarterback Aaron Loe during their game on Thursday. The Vikings defeated the Lakers 84-7.

MINNEOTA– Despite setbacks that could have altered the game, Minneota remained mentally tough; they came out running and effectively controlled the field throughout their game against Lakeview. The Vikings had a huge victory over the Lakers with the game ending score set at 84-7.

The Vikings wasted no time finding the end zone right as the game began. Skylar Gilbertson ran for a touchdown roughly 13 seconds into the game, setting the score at 8-0 early on. Unfortunately, Lakeview did not see such early success. Passes weren’t connecting right away, and Gilbertson made another visit to the end zone, courtesy of a 53 yard touchdown pass thrown from quarterback Alex Pohlen. The Lakers found success later when they steadily climbed their way to the 11 yard line, but they fell short and didn’t get the touchdown. Minneota reached 22 points at the end of the first quarter when a 34 yard pass to Isaac Hennen earned the Vikings another touchdown.

The second quarter had Minneota starting close to the goal, which gave them a fast touchdown from Cole Sanow. Lakeview had the ball briefly before an interception by Logan Sussner, which brought the ball to the 32 yard line for the Vikings. A 22 yard pass from Pohlen to Hennen bumped Minneota’s lead up 32-0. Lakeview saw a small success when Elijah Sterner set Sanow back three yards, but the Vikings responded with another touchdown. A touchdown was scored roughly three minutes later by Landon Abraham to extend the lead over the Lakers 42-0. Thomas Hennen added another touchdown to the count about a minute later.

The Lakers caught a lucky break when a pass from the Vikings was intercepted at the Laker’s four yard line, followed by a successful impressive 28 yard pass. The Vikings got the ball back however, and Brant Buysse returned it 39 yards for a touchdown with just 22 seconds remaining in the quarter. Buysse’s touchdown would end the scoring of the first half, with the Vikings earning a lead of 55-0.

While the Vikings still saw success in the second half, it wash’t obtained without a cost. Landon Abraham scored the first touchdown of the third quarter with six minutes left until the fourth quarter. The Lakers worked hard and powered through to earn a touchdown off of a 71 yard pass from Isaac Kesteloot. This put their first points on the board and move the score 62-7. When Lakeview was kicking for the extra point, Minneota’s Landon Rolbecki fell. The field fell silent, players knelt, and the game was delayed briefly before Rolbecki was taken away to receive medical attention for his leg. Despite having their younger players in and this somber event, Minneota only came back stronger. Austin Kloos obtained a touchdown off of a 5 yard carry which ended the third quarter.

The fourth quarter had both team’s younger players seeing playing time. With eight minutes left, Minneota’s Blake Reese had a touchdown run that move the score 75-7. The Vikings defense got safety against Lakeview, which again moved the score up 77-7. Minneota saw one more touchdown before the game ended at 84-7.