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Area FFA members do well at fall invitational

October 11, 2013
By Jenny Kirk , Marshall Independent

MARSHALL - A number of area FFA teams took advantage of the opportunity to compete at the Minnesota Career Development Events (CDE) Fall Invitational Tuesday at the University of Minnesota.

While some area teams did well, all of them likely gained valuable experience as they gear up for the regional competition Tuesday in Sherburne.

"For some schools, this competition is more of a practice contest," said Jason Kaare, Marshall FFA adviser. "A lot of schools will use this competition to determine the top five team members, which is the maximum you can have. For example, we have seven kids who want to be on the horse judging team. So we'll figure out the top scores, and those five students will be on the regional team."

Marshall took fourth place in the horse competition, behind the strong showing of team members Kenzie Gillow (12th as an individual), Ruth Hoversten (17th), Kenzie Schultz (65th), Destany Soupir (135th) and Kendra Vroman (159th).

"I was very happy with how they did," Kaare said. "Last year, the team got third place at the state convention, so I knew they'd do well, but we lost a few seniors from that team, so I didn't know how well. There are quite a few freshman on the team, and they still did well, especially for the first competition of the year."

Kaare said the hope is that the freshman students enjoy the competition and stay with the program.

Fact Box

Area results

Dairy Cattle

Team Results: 1. Kenyon-Wanamingo 1,322 (gold); 10. Minneota 1,219 (gold); 25. Minneota (2) 1,139 (gold); 48. Canby 965 (bronze); 54. Lakeview 756 (bronze).

Minneota Individuals: 25. Garrett Moorse 412 (gold); 79. Jack Buysse 376 (silver); 37. Gared Moorse 399 (gold); 43. Collin Kor 396 (gold); 130. Justin Buysse 352 (silver); 75. Donnie Schuelke 377 (silver).

Canby Individuals: 88. Kara Fairchild 372 (silver); 213. Alyssa Anderson 271 (bronze); 200. Ashley Woods 301 (bronze).

Lakeview Individuals: 89. Michael Louwagie 372 (silver); 103. Zackery Louwagie 367 (silver).


Team Results: 1. Forest Lake 855 (gold); 4. Marshall 806 (gold); 33. Canby 689 (silver); 43. Red Rock Central 637 (bronze); 48. RRC (2) 599 (bronze); 51. Marshall (2) 468 (bronze); 52. Minneota 463 (bronze).

Marshall Individuals: 17. Ruth Hoversten 276 (gold); 12. Kenzie Gillow 282 (gold); 65. Kenzie Schultz 248 (gold); 159. Amber Simpson 198 (bronze); 135. Destany Soupir 213 (silver); 79. Kendra Vroman 243 (silver); 122. Emily Rogers 225 (silver).

Canby Individuals: 202. Cheyenne Fairchild 170 (bronze); 42. Bailey Wickre 261 (gold); 174. Kendra VanDerostyne 194 (bronze); 102. Amanda Larsen 234 (silver).

RRC Individuals: 203. Conner Bottger 169 (bronze); 185. Taylor Bunting 182 (bronze); 9. Cody Coulter 286 (gold); 158. Cole Pankonin 199 (bronze); 157. Trevor Pederson 202 (bronze); 193. Taylor Price 177 (bronze); 161. Rachel Kedl 198 (bronze).

Minneota Individuals: 45. Allison Bot 260 (gold); 154. Melissa Downing 203 (silver).

General Livestock

Team Results: 1. Rushford-Peterson 985 (gold); 13. Canby 898 (gold); 18. Minneota 869 (gold); 21. RRC 865 (gold); 36. Marshall 819 (gold); 45. Minneota (2) 797 (silver); 63. Canby (2) 716 (silver); 84. Lakeview 255 (bronze).

Top Individual: 1. Ben Markegardd (Rushford-Peterson) 342 (gold).

Canby Individuals: 20. Cole Regnier 302 (gold); 11. Brigit Lozinski 318 (gold); 157. Leah Polejewski 253 (silver); 173. Michael Petersen 247 (silver); 271. Kaitlyn Devos 209 (bronze); 202. Brooke Nelson 240 (silver).

Minneota Individuals: 54. Julie VanKeulen 284 (gold); 156. Laura Knutson 253 (silver); 187. Carly VanKeulen 244 (silver); 26. Troy Skaar 297 (gold); 81. Dallas Moorse 272 (gold); 258. Andrew Jeremiason 221 (bronze); 196. Stephanie Kimpe 241 (silver); 217. Calvin Lozinski 237 (bronze); 133. Layne Lozinski 259 (silver).

RRC Individuals: 177. Luke Engen 246 (silver); 279. Brenden Kilker 200 (bronze); 63. Libbey Warner 281 (gold); 70. Mikayla Hubin 277 (gold); 88. Josh Mattison 272 (gold).

Marshall Individuals: 5. Dalton Vroman 327 (gold); 144. Nathan Leach 256 (silver); 273. John Kerkaert 206 (bronze).

Lakeview Individuals: 250. Sidnee Olson 225 (bronze).


Team Results: 1. Fulda 1,387 (gold); 2. Westbrook-Walnut Grove 1,347 (gold); 11. RRC 1,224 (gold); 30. Marshall 1,049 (bronze); 35. Canby 691 (bronze); 38. Tracy 448 (bronze); 43. RRC (2) 356 (bronze); 44. Lakeview 337 (bronze).

Top Individual: 1. Zuagpaj Her (WWG) 489 (gold).

WWG Individuals: 1. Zuagpaj Her 489 (gold); 36. Kaylee Mischke 408 (gold); 24. Seng Xiong 424 (gold); 49. Tessa Busswitz 389 (gold); 16. Cindy Lohre 434 (gold).

RRC Individuals: 106. Ramsey Piotter 352 (bronze); 70. Taylor Piotter 380 (silver); 39. Dylan Piotter 407 (gold); 14. Austin Price 437 (gold); 103. Brittany Bierl 356 (silver).

Marshall Individuals: 124. Nick Schultz 331 (bronze); 97. Brenna Junker 361 (silver); 100. Sam Prorok 357 (silver).

Canby Individuals: 58. Cleveland Kooper 390 (silver); 144. Mitchel Johansen 301 (bronze).

Tracy Individuals: 10. Scott Lanoue 448 (gold).

Lakeview Individuals: 122. Ethan Matthys 337 (bronze).


Team Results: 1. RRC (2) 765; 5. RRC (1) 722; 12. Canby 623; 25. Tracy 449.

Top Individual: 1. Joel Derickson (RRC-2) 286.

RRC Individuals: 10. Thomas Blomgren 249; 1. Joel Derickson 286; 22. Carter Engen 230; 32. Jamie Derickson 223; 3. Andrew Hansen 268; 20. Courtney Tevedahl 231.

Canby Individuals: 28. Luke Jelen 227; 42. Nick Prokop 211; 68. Josh Hansen 185.

Tracy Individuals: 15. Asa Nelson 237; 41. Ben Johnson 212.

"You hope they have an interest in the contest as a freshman and then get better every year so that we have some successful teams in the future," he said. "It's encouraging to see how well the team did, even with so many new members."

A variety of classes are judged in the horse competition, Kaare said.

"Students judge how the animal is built, and they also have a couple of performance classes they judge," he said. "Like for English pleasure, they'd have to determine how the animals are doing. The officials also ask all the kids which animal was more structurally correct in their legs, for example, and then they'd have to give a list of reasons. They're scored on that as well."

While a maximum of five students can compete on a team, only the top three scores count, Kaare said. In the process of team competition, participating students are also being scored as individuals. Marshall senior Dalton Vroman earned fifth-place honors in the general livestock competition.

"He did very well, placing fifth individually out of 296 students in the general livestock contest," Kaare said. "I knew he would do well. He has a history of doing well at these competitions, and his passion is beef cattle. He wants to breed show cows someday, so he's motivated internally."

A total of 86 teams competed in the general livestock category Tuesday, including Canby (13th as team), Minneota (18th) and Red Rock Central (21st). Brigit Lozinski finished 11th to lead the Canby competitors, while teammates Cole Regnier and Leah Polejewski finished 20th and 157th.

Westbrook-Walnut Grove was second place in the poultry competition, trailing team champion Fulda by 40 points. Zuagpaj Her was the top individual in the competition, followed by teammates Cindy Lohre (16th), Seng Xiong (24th), Kaylee Mischke (36th) and Tessa Busswitz (49th).

Scott Lanoue was Tracy Area's only poultry participant, finishing 10th as an individual, while RRC's Austin Price was 14th.

The team of Joel Derickson, Thomas Blomgren and Carter Engen took first-place team honors for RRC in the soils category. Derickson was the high-scoring individual, while Andrew Hansen, who was on RRC's second team, placed third. Blomgren was 10th overall.

Tracy Area's Asa Nelson finished 15th as an individual and led his team to a 25th-place showing.

Minneota did well in the dairy cattle competition, claiming 10th-place honors in the 61-team competition. Garrett Moorse led Minneota with a 25th-place score individually, while Gared Moorse was 37th and Jack Buysse was 79th.

"Students will get their scores back and then they can see how they did," Kaare said. "There's a learning experience there. (By being classified as gold, silver or bronze) they also have an idea of where they placed, whether it's in the top third, middle third or bottom third."



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