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Let’s talk about the weather

October 5, 2013
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Almost every day I am tasked with putting in the weather report at the bottom of page 1. So here's me, putting all my faith in the Weather Channel's website ( to be somewhat accurate for this area. For example, the website may say that Marshall is expecting a chance of thunderstorms for the next day, and that day may turn out to be simply, partly cloudy. I'll be slightly annoyed for not having that right in the paper, but what can you do? But I'll be secretly pleased if the thunderstorms are predicted, the day starts out sunny, and then the rain falls later in the day. I know it sounds a bit goofy, but for some reason, I like having things right once in a while.

Earlier this week, I was wearing shorts, capris, sandals and the like. Well, it was in the 70s and 80s. Then on Thursday and for the rest of the week, it got significantly cooler. I even broke out the fleece on Thursday. And what's with this high in the 50s today? And don't forget the bonus factor of the 50 percent chance of rain throughout the day. Sure it may make things miserable but let's be grateful that it isn't snow.


As I was scrolling through the Weather Channel website Wednesday and Thursday, I'm noticing Winter Storm Atlas bearing down on Wyoming and surrounding states, including western South Dakota, which looks like it may get two feet of snow. Ugh. Who's ready for snow? But it is October in Minnesota, so anything can happen. When it was mentioned to get your winter survival kits ready, and snow making the floors wet inside the office, I just wanted to go back to summer. I'm not looking forward to bundling up in a heavy coat and hat. I need to get a new pair of mittens as I lost one while covering a show choir banquet earlier this year. I should get a new ice scraper as a piece of it broke off. Do I have my shovel in my Jeep? I probably should get some new tires. I am so not prepared for winter.

But fortunately that weather won't affect us; just the rain.

Last winter was the first time I had been on a snowmobile since I was 8 years old. My dad had let me try to drive one of our Arctic Cats, and it promptly died on me. And we could not get it to start. Those snowmobiles are pretty much shells in my parents' shed, along with old lawnmowers, a raccoon skeleton and whatever else in there. Ross' parents have a snowmobile, so I thought it would be fun to take a ride with him. We went zipping through the corn and bean fields. I then realized that it can be kind of bumpy when going snowmobiling. I think I spent more time yelling and swearing to myself as we went over those bumps, holding onto Ross for my dear life. It was OK; maybe the next time I go for a ride it will be fun. I guess having more than 30 years between rides can affect one's memory of the event. Or maybe it's this old body.



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